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We have written descriptions on each of the 34 Themes of Strength. These narratives have been compiled not only from elements from Gallup but also our observations and insights from the past 16+ years working with StrengthsFinder.

In that time, we have engaged with 33,000+ people, conducted over 8,000 personal 1-to-1 strengths conversations, in 350+ organizations, representing 31 countries.

Find and read your top 5 themes and leave a comment.


Learn more about your unique Strengths Profile with one of our custom, online Strengths portals.

Themes and Domains

Signup for our FREE, custom web portal, with theme descriptions, and domain videos for each of your five Themes of Strength.

The Strengths Course

This online course will guide you through a process of Reflection, Observation, and Application, as you experience the Leadership Vision approach to StrengthsFinder™ and begin creating your own personal narrative around Strengths.


As always, if you have questions about your themes, or how to create Strengths Based Organizational Culture, ask us!