Exploring the StrengthsFinder Theme Deliberative

Have you ever noticed someone who makes great decisions over and over, but it takes her a long time to do so? Do you know those people who are quiet throughout a whole meeting and then all of a sudden, in 2 sentences, they capture what needs to be done, said, or considered? Who are those people who just need a little more time to weigh the options?

These people may have the StrengthsFinder theme Deliberative.

Definition of Deliberative

People with the StrengthsFinder theme Deliberative are very careful and vigilant in decision making. They are the type of people that sense risk first. They sense risk and are drawn to risk. They can identify, assess and reduce that risk. Because of this ability to sense risk, people with the strength of Deliberative make quality decisions and choices. They can also leverage opportunities to take more risk with the things they believe in. Once this person has thought things through, she can set her direction and pursue it with great stamina.

A rule of thumb for the strength of Deliberative is,

making the correct decision is always better than making a quick decision.

Avoid making common mistakes or missteps is a value. People with Deliberative draw together a variety of elements to determine whether or not they can produce a positive outcome.

At times people with the strength of Deliberative may sound like they are against you, because they may ask you about alternative ways of doing something. They may challenge your position or your values to see if you have a sound perspective and solid viewpoint.

There are two dominant sides to the strength of Deliberative: high quality decisions and depth of understanding. These people need time to actually deliberate, think things through, come to a conclusion in their own time. Key words for the strength of Deliberative are;

  • careful
  • vigilant
  • private
  • sound

When Deliberative is Generative

The strength of Deliberative is generative because these people can take multiple factors or perspectives into consideration, and come to the best and safest decision possible…well, after they have had time to ‘deliberate.’ When Deliberative is generative, it can also notice bad decisions or patterns of indiscretion before they happen, calling that out so others will avoid making mistakes.

Behavioral Examples of the StrengthsFinder theme Deliberative

One woman in our session didn’t speak much the entire day. She watched us closely. We couldn’t tell if she was distracted, didn’t like the material, or perhaps there was something else going on in her life. At the end of the day she came up and thanked us for the wonderful experience. The insights into her family were too many to count. We said “You’re welcome” and that was it, she walked away. Because they deliberate, compliments are spot on and meaningful.

Your Deliberative

Do you have the StrengthsFinder theme Deliberative or know someone who does? Do any of these descriptions describe you or them? Share your insights below.