Learn about the StrengthsFinder theme of Learner

Who are those curious people around you? Have you ever met someone with a variety of graduate degrees or multiple majors because she was truly interested in all those of disciplines? Have you met someone that seems to always be picking up a new skill, new hobby, or new career?

These people may have the strength of Learner.

Definition of the StrengthsFinder theme of Learner

People with the strength of Learner love to learn in many areas and simply enjoy the process of learning, more than the topic of what is being learned. They enjoy learning almost anything, or perhaps going deep in only a few things. Either way, learning is fascinating and energizing.

People with the strength of Learner are drawn to learn new things, they are energized by the journey of learning and become momentarily satisfied when they have learned something new. They are not necessarily concerned about learning to the point of being an expert at any one topic.

Learning a variety of things, with a temporary or a long-term practical application, could be more important than focusing on one or two areas of expertise.

Once a person the strength of Learner has learned, they are ready to move on to the next subject. Bored? They will learn something new.

People with the strength of Learner have a strong desire to learn, to continuously improve through learning, and are energized by the gaining and processing of something new and useful. This process of learning is thrilling because the Learners grow as they learn. The more they learn, the more confident they become.

Uniqueness of a Learner

One of the unique attributes of the strength of Learner is the ability to understand the learning process. A Learner may know specifically what they need to learn: she can describe the right environment, timing and subject matter.

The strength of Learner can also understand how other people learn. A person with Learner has the ability to observe people learning, and then draw out and draw upon their learning style to teach them well.

Generative Applications of Learner

You will know when your life has been touched by a person with generative Learner because you will be learning and growing in ways that are specific and unique to you. Like clothing that has been custom tailored, a person with the generative strength of Learner will give himself to learning on your behalf, because he knows the powerful impact learning has in the growth of individuals.

The strength of Learner is generative when the subjects studied are applicable to other people. With little effort, a Learner can observe and comprehend the learning patterns of others, and connect with them in the way they learn best.

Learner’s have the ability to teach and deliver information in unique ways, personalizing what they know to communicate to a particular person or particular crowd. The strength of Learner helps other people learn. Learners have the ability to create patterns, programs or services that help other people become better Learners themselves.

Examples of Learner

One of our favorite examples of a Learner is a leader who shapes and advances a team with his many questions. “How did we get here?” “What else do we need to know?” He is a curious person who seeks to understand meaning, intention and scope.

A Learner may have a very diverse resume. One man reflected “I see my Learner as a career tourist.”
Another woman proudly said, “I learn something new each day, every day.” It was not a goal, it was a reality.

Your Learner

Do you have the strengths of Learner? What and how do you learn best? Leave a comment below.