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Leadership Vision has helped over 50,000 individuals explore the depths of their Strengths and extend their journey towards what is right about them. Learn from Leadership Vision’s unparalleled experience, expertise, education, and excellence.

Now it’s your turn!

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Confused about your Strengths?

Don’t spend another day confused about your most valuable asset… your Strengths!

Confused by a Strength?

Did your theme name and definition not make any sense?

Lack of Application?

Do not understand how to apply what you’ve learned?

Need More Insight?

Looking for more
than a paragraph
in a book?

Wondering What’s Next?

What does lifelong transformation look like?

Individuals Benefit From

Common Language

Every culture has a shared way they communicate. At Leadership Vision, CliftonStrengths® is our psychometric of choice.


The most powerful way to understand Strengths is through observable patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion.

Shared Experiences

We believe your deepest learning of Strengths comes from the shared experiences you have with others.

Leadership Narrative

To know and leverage your personal story expands Strengths knowledge and grows your narrative capacities.

Clients We Have Worked With

Leadership Vision has worked with over 50,000 individuals over the past 22+ years. We have helped them understand their Strengths, how to influence others, and shape culture.

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What our clients are saying…

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