Getting to Know the Strength of Relator

Have you ever met someone who all of a sudden, seems like your best friend? Do you know someone who gets asked to be in weddings of people he hardly knows? Have you ever met someone who made you feel so comfortable that you found yourself sharing information that seemed well, a little too much—I mean, you just met?

These people may have the Strength of Relator.

Definition of Relator

People with the strength of Relator have a profound relational capacity to develop a relationship with anyone. However, they might be drawn to people they already know. The Relator may have ‘qualifications’ for close relationships because they know what it takes to build a close relationship. Others feel comfortable and even drawn to reciprocate friendship to a person with the strength of Relator.

As a result, she will often have people in her life who feel much more relationally connected to her than she does to them in return.

A person with the strength of Relator can also create space for strong relationships to form. Some of the most effective and impactful people we have worked with, have the strength of Relator. They have the ability to create the right environment for team members to form close, honest and trusting relationships. As a result, teams are more cohesive, communicative and connected to their cause.

People with the strength of Relator are not afraid of relational closeness; they often have different types or levels of relating with other people.

  • Very close and personal (very few)
  • Groups of friends
  • Those who are relationally acquainted and not much more

We have known many people with the strength of Relator who keep track of, and even “organize” their many levels of connections.

People with Relator are relationally comfortable and often well-liked. They understand relational potential, distinguish between relationships, and may make strategic decisions based on relational elements. Perhaps they find themselves working with close friends.

Generative Applications of Relator

People with the strength of Relator are generative in the way they invite relationships to form and develop – with no regard for age, class or gender – building relationships simply comes naturally to them. A generative Relator draws out the relational potential in others, to the surprise of the person at the receiving end of the relationship.

People often comment that they grow so much in relationship with Relators. When you are known by someone who has the strength of Relator, you let down your guard, and feel alive in friendship.

Example of Relator

We know a man who leads from his strength of Relator. Whenever you meet him, he looks you in the eye, greets you by name, asks how you are doing, and simply draws you in. He built his executive team with people he has known and worked with for years. He called them personally and asked them to join his team. His team members feel known and cared for, individually and as a team. He is at his finest building teams that feel close both personally and professionally.

Your Relator

Do you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Relator? What do your relationships looks like? Share your story below.