How Self-Assurance Builds Confidence

Have you ever wondered why some people are just so confident? You know who they are, they seem to never get nervous or jittery, never afraid when something big is about to happen. Do you know someone who seems to always be ready to take on a challenge, and somehow you find yourself joining in?

If so, then you know someone with the strength of Self-Assurance.

Definition of Self-Assurance

People with the strength of Self-Assurance have great faith in their own strengths. They are confident in their abilities and their judgments. They know they are unique and this gives them confidence to face challenging situations. People with Self-Assurance believe in their abilities and capacities and know they are able to deliver exactly what is needed.

How do they do this?

It is as if they have an inner compass pointing them in the right direction, and they believe this right direction is right. They might act right even when they are not. This confidence impacts people, it increases their belief and confidence in themselves. Confidence in others does not intimidate them; it actually encourages them to be even more confident.

People with Self-Assurance are resilient and have an ability to bounce back from setback. They step into challenges and situations where others might not engage. But to the person with Self-Assurance, this chance only excites them. They know they can meet the challenge and come out the other side successful.

As a result, the person with the strength of Self-Assurance will be drawn to certain risks and extreme pressures. Sometimes, it is only through failure that the person with Self Assurance discovers limitation.

Generative Applications of Self-Assurance

You can depend on the person with the strength of Self-Assurance to rise up with confident strength or to create a space for you to step into your own strength. When you feel weak or unable to face something challenging, a person with Self-Assurance calls you to be bold and confident. This ability to see and name confidence in others is generative.

Many people have a capacity to be confident, but have not practiced such boldness. It may take a person with generative Self-Assurance to speak life into him so he too may be strong and confident.

Examples of the StrengthsFinder theme of Self-Assurance

We know a woman with the strength of Self-Assurance. Not only does she believe strongly in her own abilities, but she also has confidence in the abilities of others. And when she is wrong about something, she can confidently admit she is wrong.

She intuitively picks up on areas where others have great uniqueness and strength. Her presence develops their confidence too. People stand up straighter and prouder around her. Because she is strong, other people become strong too.

Your Self-Assurance

Do you have the strength of Self-Assurance or know someone who does? What other ways have you seen the generative behaviors of this?