How People with the Strength of Strategic Make Decisions

Have you ever worked with someone who is really good at making decisions? In confusion, who usually makes a decision and seems to unlock clarity for the group? Do you know people who love to be part of the decision making process—no matter what is being decided?

Perhaps these people have the strength of Strategic.

Definition of the StrengthsFinder Theme of Strategic

Simply defined, Strategic is a person whose decisions seem to come quickly and easily. For some reason, people with Strategic are able to quickly,

  1. sort through the clutter
  2. avoid obstacles and
  3. determine the best route forward

often before anyone else does.

Strategic is a critical decision making theme; meaning, people with Strategic are motivated to make decisions when they are faced with multiple options in the here and now. They can quickly assess the situation, choose a few possible options, and then strike with a decision on the best option.

A 3-step process is found in most people with the strength of Strategic – assess, choose, strike.

People with the strength of Strategic can often be criticized for making a “quick decisions.” They might be accused of not thinking things through or considering the impact or feelings of others. This is not always the case. Depending on the strengths paired with Strategic, they may also be very fast thinkers, highly sensitive to others and see the impact their decisions may make on others.

People with Strategic may not necessarily be the big “strategy people”, but look like the “on the ground” strategic thinkers.

Generative Applications of Strategic

People with the strength of Strategic look for alternative ways to progress forward, often breaking through known obstacles or introducing a completely new way of decision making.

In addition, they can help break up indecision. When some might want to give up because they cannot seem to come to a decision, a person with Strategic will stick to it until a decision is made. The generative nature of Strategic is found in how they can see both one way and multiple ways for a decision to be made.

Examples of Strategic

A friend of ours with Strategic plays a critical role in team meetings when there is a difficult decision facing his organization. As his team discusses all the options, he can quickly identify the elements that are involved in the upcoming decision: the challenges, people involved, and related concerns. He will sometimes interrupt the group’s process with what seems to be a quick decision. But what is happening is that his Strategic strength quickly sorted through everything and made an accurate decision with the information at hand. The team has learned to trust what he has thought through and values his drive to decide and go.

A woman we know with the strength of Strategic comes to life in challenging situations. She also comes to life is less threatening situations like traffic. Whether she is a pedestrian or a driver, she is not content sitting in traffic, nor getting stuck in congested walkways. She’d rather be moving than stagnant. She monitors driving patterns, notices crowded roadways, and finds the quickest and most efficient way to get to her destination.

Your Strategic

If you have the strength of Strategic, how have you seen it be generative to you and others?