Exploring the StrengthsFinder Theme of Belief

Have you ever had a friend who was deeply rooted in their beliefs? Do you know those who have given their life to a cause—perhaps around loving orphaned children or promoting a green environment… perhaps her cause was around fiscal responsibility or that every human has a voice and deserves to be heard. Have you ever worked with someone who had such deep convictions that everyone around him began to share those convictions as well?

These people may have the strength of Belief.

Definition of Belief

Someone with the StrengthsFinder theme of Belief is one who has core values that are present and enduring. These beliefs, or values, guide decisions and influence relationships and work. Those core values provide a benchmark for what is true. The strength of Belief indicates that a person has deeply held beliefs that are true, unchanging, dependable and (usually) structured and interconnected.

At times, a person with the strength of Belief can have 1 or 2 strongly held beliefs that are applied to all of life. Others may have multiple beliefs and values for different areas of their life. Either way, this person’s life if guided, directed and founded upon these deeply held beliefs.

People with the strength of Belief find that their beliefs form a type of grid, a template, guardrails, or a framing. This provides a stability and rootedness to how they live their life. Some people with Belief will hold out to commit to anything until it aligns with their core beliefs.

On the other hand, some people with Belief will be very productive and engaged in their day to day lives, but then when something connects to their core beliefs, it ignites their excitement and enthusiasm. It’s as if something strikes a cord with their strength of Belief, and a beautiful music is produced that all can notice and share in.

How Belief is Generative

The strength of Belief is generative in how it provides;

  1. Direction
  2. Guidance
  3. and a way to prioritize

Belief can center a decision making process and remind us of what are our shared values. When someone with the strength of Belief speaks, their rootedness in what they believe in allows us to grow… challenging the hearers to deepen what they believe in.

Generative Belief identifies what can, should (and for some) must be believed in. Not in a particularly religious thread, but more so with what guides their life purpose and daily behavior. For a person with Belief, it is important that we know where they stand, and in turn, they help us understand our own footing.

Examples of the StrengthsFinder theme of Belief

A team in conflict noticed that 4 of 10 people on their team shared the strength of Belief. With that knowledge they began to understand that although 4 people shared Belief — their beliefs were not the same — and showed up in very different ways.

  • One believed that you follow your leaders, that you show respect to the positional authority without question.
  • Another believed that you earn respect through relational currency in leadership.
  • The third believed all people were leaders and capable of influence and listened to everyone.
  • The fourth belief had no tolerance for unproductive behavior.

Because this team had so many people with Belief, this strength actually provided the necessary elements for a cohesive team. The shared strength of Belief raised self-awareness and team-awareness and led to a better team environment, a higher level of conversation, a greater productivity and efficiency as the whole team. The strength of Belief began to form a shared understanding and honored where each person was coming from.

A woman we know with Belief believes in holistic medicine, a clean and healthy environment, and all her decisions are made with this strong Belief guiding her worldview.

Your Belief

Do you have the Strengthsfinder theme of Belief? What does it look like for you?