How Maximizers Build Excellence Through Measurement

Who are those people in your life that are consistently improving upon excellence… whether its self-improvement, home improvement or trying to improve you? Who are those people known for enhancing, upgrading, and perfecting anything in their path?

If you have ever been encouraged by someone to go beyond your capacity, been pushed to become beyond noteworthy, beyond excellent, or beyond amazing, you probably have been influenced by someone with the StrengthFinder theme of Maximizer.

Definition of the Strength of Maximizer

People with the strength of Maximizer measure themselves against excellence, not average. At times, excellence is the only measure of success, anything less is not acceptable. A person with the strength of Maximizer looks for excellence and the best around her. She is compelled to discover or maybe uncover excellence, and then refine it and apply it.

A Maximizer has the ability to take what is best and make it even better. It could be more difficult for her to take that which is average and make it a little better than average. Excellence is the bar. Excellence is the standard to improve upon.

Maximizer is a strength that is rooted in measurement.

For the person with Maximizer, the desire to find what is exceptional begins with people, noticing strength and greatest potential. Perhaps he looks for the most unique characteristics of people that are already well refined – and strives to elevate these characteristics even more. A Maximizer can see excellence before anyone else. A person with the strength of Maximizer can visualize this ‘maximized’ state in others, and has the energy to leverage resources to increase impact.

A person with the Strength of Maximizer may also be keenly aware of excellence in the environments that surround her. Even to the point where she expects excellence in the places where she works, hangs out, shops or lives. This expectation of excellence propels her, propels others to achieve excellence in all areas. They look for the best, the best places to eat, the best deals before they buy, the best degree, the best career track, the best.

Generative Application of Maximizer

People with Maximizer are generative when they apply their unique sense of excellence to those around them. Depending on their other strengths, some people with Maximizer might be best at working with people, drawing more out of them than they thought was there—inspiring individuals and teams to reach beyond excellence.

Some Maximizers are best with upgrading systems or processes. When Maximizers are most alive, they can be such high performers that anyone in the vicinity better watch out! Hope is built. We all become better.

Examples of Maximizer

Maximizers tinker to make the best better. At the end of a successful event, the leader who had the strength of Maximizer wanted to talk about what he could’ve done to make the event even better. Those who merely wanted to celebrate, learned to have even higher standards of what a “win” looks like…and subsequently the team improved after every event.

A Maximizer once shared with us, that after she finishes successful, award-winning projects, she plays back what she could’ve said better, what other illustrations could have be used. She strives to reach exceed her excellence.

Your Maximizer

Do you have the strengths of Maximizer? How has it helped you become even better?