How People with the Strength of Restorative Solve Problems

Have you ever been baffled when someone just steps in to fix something, and succeeds? Or do you have a favorite chiropractor, mechanic or doctor who always seems to figure out what is needed? Or maybe you work with someone who is always figuring out ways to modify or adjust what you’re doing so you are more efficient.

If so, you may have met someone with the strength of Restorative.

Definition of Restorative

People with the strength of Restorative love to solve problems – they enjoy the challenge of analyzing a problem and finding a solution… it may be one solution or a number of solutions. Whatever it is, the person with Restorative enjoys figuring things out, discovering how something works, and finding new and better ways of doing something.

People with Restorative are not really discouraged when something is broken or not working just right, because this is a simple invitation for them to find the solution. When faced with something that needs improvement they:

  • investigate
  • think
  • tinker
  • fix
  • solve

People with the strength of Restorative are energized to both fix things and improve things – either way, they are restoring something to a higher level of functioning than the state they found it in – this is the essence of Restorative: bringing things back to life.

Whether this happens with things, people, systems, organizations, structures or intellectual problems… the strength of Restorative does the same thing:

  • discover what is not working
  • seek resolution
  • guide people and
  • increase functionality

Think of how a chiropractor can make one adjustment and all returns to alignment, or a computer technician who, with a few key strokes can solve a mind-numbing bug. This is the way a person with Restorative works. They simply know what to do to return something to like new condition

At times the person with the strength of Restorative may sound like they are focused exclusively on the problems. Well, that might be the case. Rest assured, they are fixated on what needs to be fixed, and a quick fix will not do. They believe in their ability to restore things, and that gives them confidence to step into a messy situation.

Generative applications of Restorative

The strength of Restorative is generative when it identifies and focuses on what needs to be fixed and then finds the right solution. Although this may take some time, the person with Restorative is committed to working out the right solution for the people and the situation involved.

When Restorative begins to interact with others, they have a profound impact on bringing life to people. Sometimes, there are small things in life that seem to trip us up, people with the strength of Restorative can name these things, and guide you toward a life giving solution.

Examples of Restorative

We know someone with the strength of Restorative. He asks very interesting questions, many of them. At first the questions seem to be random, but they are focused on discovering what is not working, and what could be a potential resolution. By asking questions, his Restorative strength will determine what is actually at the root of the problem, and what is the best possible solution.

There’s another woman we know who has the strength of Restorative. After years of being seen as someone who was known for just uncovering problem after problem, we asked her if she had solutions to all these problems. A laundry list ensued. She replied,

“well the best way to fix it could be this,” or “What needs to happen here is that.”

After learning about how many solutions she could list, she became the “solution finder” of the organization and people came to her everyday to consider solutions that could fix immediate and long term problems.

Your Restorative

If you have the strength of restorative, how have you seen it give life to you and to others?