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About Leadership Vision

Members of the Leadership Vision Team are committed to the cultivation of individual empowerment and team development. We work together, emphasizing our unique abilities to meet your unique objectives. We model what we teach.

As part of every Leadership Vision event, our consultants provide individual understanding, attention, and application of our material for each participant. We are fully engaged in strengths-based learning and teaching to ensure constant integration of our work with the client experience.

The LVC Team




We believe that knowing your top five Strengths is only the beginning and a person’s greatest potential lies in their ongoing exploration of talents. It’s our objective to shape a culture that intentionally aligns people around a Strengths philosophy. We believe that teams are the ultimate context from which people gain insight into others while sharpening their own Strengths, potential, capacity, and influence.

Meet our team

Led by Brian and Dr. Linda Schubring, this is the team that helps train and equip teams and individuals around the world.

Founder and CEO

Brian Schubring

Founder and CEO

Linda Schubring

Creative Director & Consultant

Nathan Freeburg

Creative Director & Consultant