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About Leadership Vision

Leadership Vision is a leadership advisory consulting firm transforming how leaders express their brilliance and beauty for the benefit of humanity.

We empower professionals to be mentally engaged and emotionally healthy and expand their shaping influence on people, teams, and culture.

Driven to create a positive team culture, we provide industry-leading resources for developing people and teams worldwide through in-person and virtual services and ongoing support. Using CliftonStrengths® as a primary tool, their 25-year practice utilizes an approach framed in Positive Psychology and Applied Neuroscience.

Dr. Linda Schubring, Brian Schubring, Nathan Freeburg
Dr. Linda Schubring, Brian Schubring, Nathan Freeburg

Meet Linda and Brian

We are a dynamic husband and wife duo, and we have built a thriving 25-year consulting and coaching business. We work together with our clients as consultants and coaches, we are both on stage, we are writers. Part of the synergy we invite people into is the space between Linda and Brian.

Dr. Linda Schubring, President

Dr. Linda was an aspiring college president. She pivoted out of that path, because she realized she didn’t like bureaucratic red tape, to finish her doctoral study on how multinational,  multigenerational teams and individuals navigate change in the European context. Unknown to her at the time, she was becoming her own case study on change as she battled breast cancer. Linda knows that life happens at the intersection of suffering and flourishing and meets people there.

Linda Hawaii
Brian Hawaii

Brian Schubring, Founder

Brian is an accidental business owner, elite athlete, speaker, and pioneering voice in the Strengths movement. He is obsessed with the identity of the individual, applied neuroscience and has practiced the disciplines of a monk every morning for the last 40 years. He is a mystic on a mission. His mission is to help individuals embrace their identity with confidence and express themselves with authenticity… knowing this delicate balance often feels like walking a tightrope.

Together, we consider ourselves Powerful Entrepreneurs and Professionals. We want to raise our profile in our industry, increase our influence across audiences and deepen our impact with clients. As authors, we hope to sell many copies of our books, sell other products and services, and increase our consulting and coaching opportunities.

Meet our team

Led by Dr. Linda and Brian Schubring, this is the team that helps train and equip teams and individuals around the world.


Linda Schubring


Brian Schubring

Creative Director & Consultant

Nathan Freeburg

Creative Director & Consultant