What you Should know about the StrengthsFinder Theme of Communication

Have you ever known someone who searches for the perfect expression?

Or someone who expresses and re-expresses himself until he feels understood? Or maybe you know someone who comes to work everyday with a new hairstyle, accessory or fashion appliqué?

These people may have the StrengthsFinder theme of Communication.

Definition of the StrengthsFinder theme of Communication

People with the strength of Communication are people who feel they must express themselves, and this expression can take many forms – verbally, artistically, musically, through writing or composition, how one dresses, teaches or even how one tell stories. No matter what the form, Communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, is about how someone uniquely expresses who he is. It is about how she is feeling and how she is connecting to people all around her. People with the strength of Communication want to express themselves in any form, and are not afraid to create new and unique ways to do so.

A person with the strength of Communication has a profound knack to put thoughts and feelings into words, images or any variety of expressions. In fact, people with Communication search for new and concise ways to express the most complex thoughts, ideas, actions or emotions. Some people with Communication can do this perfect expression on the spot, while others need time to create it. Either way, this unique ability is a natural and instinctive way of communicating, thinking and processing.

How Communication is Generative

People with the strength of Communication are generative when they put words to the thoughts and feelings others struggle to express. People with generative Communication usually take time to listen to others, ask meaningful questions, and give the time needed for others to fully express themselves. In so doing, they are able to gather together all that is heard and restate or reframe those thoughts into a concise, simple, or highly personalized manner that helps people understand and make sense of what is going on.

The ability to help others express themselves might be the most generative expression of Communication. The ability to bring words of life to others in need tend to form relationships that are deep, meaningful and bonded over time.

Examples of the Communication Strength

There is a gentleman we know who has the StrengthsFinder theme of Communication. He can describe a process in as many different ways as needed until you understand. “Is that clear? What about this way? Is this what you mean?” Often he would use many analogies or metaphors to help you better understand. He uses sports analogies, art analogies, or metaphors from nature or childhood. At the core, he must be understood and he wants you to be heard and understood, too.

One woman tried to describe the 7 reasons she didn’t have Communication as a strength because she “wasn’t a public speaker.” Her expressing herself in those 7 ways is the strength of Communication. Most obvious was how her Communication strength came through her choice of bright clothing, changing hair colors, and how she expresses herself through music.

Your Communication

Do you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Communication, or know someone who does? What other behaviors do you see in them? Share an example in the comments below.