Exploring the StrengthsFinder theme of Developer

Who are the people in your life who are often talking about how things grow, or the steps we need to take, or the progression plan that will get us from A-Z? Those people might have the strength of Developer.

Definition of Developer

People with the strength of Developer see nothing but potential in others – they have a strong belief that everyone has potential and everyone can grow. Not only do they believe this, people with the strength of Developer also have the ability name the areas where you can grow, offer you a great ‘next step’, and then encourage you to grow into your potential. People with the strength of Developer also believe that no individual is fully formed. We are all works in progress.

Even though Developers can naturally see potential, growth and strength in others, they do not always see themselves in the same way. Developers can name and call out even the smallest areas of growth in others, encouraging them to grow even more.

Beauty is found in the excitement Developers receive when people are growing. People with Developer get strangely excited when others grow and develop, and they want to celebrate each of these small steps of growth. Step by step, one step at a time, slow and steady in some seasons, swift and easy at other times, this is the process for people with Developer. We often find that Developers are a great source of encouragement because past progress and future progress is honored.

How Developer is Generative

People with the strength of Developer are generative in how they seek the growth of others. Another generative application is in how they think and communicate. When faced with something complicated and complex, people with Developer can interpret this complexity in a way that others can connect to and grow. The objective is for others to grow to higher levels, gain more energy and determination, and achieve greater personal effectiveness and satisfaction.

Examples of Developer

Think of activities like gardening, where you plant seeds in one season of the year, nurture the soil, and then tend the garden. Then only later, will you see a harvest. People with the strength of Developer take joy in watching things grow, change, and become better…dare we say “develop”.

We knew a Developer who could name the steps of maturity his child experienced during the school year.

“And then she learned this, and then she did that, and then that Spring Break trip opened her eyes so now she has a global worldview, if she stays in this program, she will learn more and more.”

He raved about how the curriculum contributed to her success.

Developers can build a development plan for others. We heard one successful lawyer remark,

I can turn small lawyers into big laywers.”

Your Developer

If you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Developer, what do you connect with here?