Exploring the StrengthsFinder Theme of Positivity

Have you met that person who always has a smile on their face? Or how about the person who always seems to be trying to lift the spirits of a group? Then there is that person who uses phrases like, “Look on the brightside…” or, “things could be worse…” or, “its not that bad!” Well, these people may have the strength of Positivity.

Definition of Positivity

People with the strength of Positivity are always looking for, discovering and bringing the positive. They are light hearted, generous, optimistic and enthusiastic – to the point where these characteristics become contagious to others – people are simply happier when Positivity people are around.

People with the strength of Positivity are so impactful because they have the ability to lighten the mood with people and within groups. The person with the strength of Positivity can immediately transform negativity with their optimistic enthusiasm.

It should not surprise you that people are drawn to those with the strength of Positivity, because they end up feeling better about themselves. People with Positivity see the positive and speak of the positive, often revealing the hidden elements that have been fogged over by negative.

Even in some of the most challenging obstacles, a person with Positivity can name what is going well, and through a renewed perspective, potentially refine the focus of others just enough for people to see themselves beyond what is negative.

Of note for people with the strength of Positivity – because they are drawn to be in positive environments, they may at times over-focus on the negative. Even their language and attitude becomes negative. One may wonder where their Positivity went?! By focusing attention on what is negative, they are in a sense asking for help to eradicate the negative so that the positive can be restored.

How Positivity is Generative

Positivity is generative in the way these people bring life, happiness and optimism into the situation. Whether through stories, jokes, a smile, or a welcoming attitude, people with generative Positivity are a joy to be around.

Their ability to see the positive within people and places has a very generative impact on people, for others will notice the positive and together will draw out even more of the given situation. Generative Positivity is not afraid to be involved themselves, in striving for better outcomes even in the midst of challenges.

With the generative presence of Positivity, everyone is a little better. Positivity People…

  • See the positive in people
  • Bring the positive out of people
  • Create positive environments for people
  • Share positive experiences for people
  • What is their motivation? To be involved in the positive element

Behavioral Examples of Positivity

We know a man with the strength of Positivity who had an immediate impact on company that hired him. Although he had many job skills, experiences and education that qualified him for his new position, it was his strength of Positivity that made the greatest impact on his new team members.

His Positivity was a unifier of all that was going well, giving names and values to positive experiences; and his naming the negative and challenging invited others to help bring a solution. Most importantly, his Positivity brought a positive connection within the company that created stronger relationships.

Your Positivity

Do you have the strength of Positivity? How does Positivity show up in your daily life?