The StrengthsFinder Theme of Consistency

Have you ever met someone whose habits are predictable? I mean, they take the same route to work everyday, they sit in the same place at lunch, or order the same kind of coffee from the same place at the same time everyday? Have you ever encountered a stickler with deadlines—like you didn’t have a chance to turn in anything in late?

These people might have the StrengthsFinder theme of Consistency.

Definition of The StrengthsFinder theme of Consistency

People with the strength of Consistency have the ability to see what is fair and equitable to others. Balance is important to them, and they are very mindful of how people are being treated, whether fairly or unfairly. Although they may not verbally express what they observe, they see it and remember it. People with the strength of Consistency desire to treat all people fairly, they want to avoid injustice and may find themselves supporting and volunteering for causes that seek equal and fair treatment of people.

Fairness and equality are obvious to the person with the strength of Consistency. Key words to describe the way they see the world may be:

  • fair
  • equitable
  • balanced
  • just
  • equal

The strength of Consistency is seen in how they treat other people, and of note, Consistency is primarily a way of thinking and processing information, decisions and relationships. For a person with the strength of Consistency, fairness is his operating system. He wants all people to be treated the same. There will be no unfair advantages and certainly no favorites.

How Consistency is Generative

The strength of Consistency lies in the ability to determine what is fair, equitable and just – without prejudice. They see all people as valuable, beautiful, and having something to offer. Generative Consistency will fight for the cause of the individual and the collective society with equal vigor because they believe that what is unfair to one is unfair and unjust to all.

Generative Consistency can also expose and make right something that is unfair or gives an advantage to some and not to all.

Around people with the strength of Consistency, others feel valuable, seen and appreciated because maybe for the first time someone is defending them or giving them a fair chance. When a person with the strength of Consistency puts her mind to it, she can impact the greater society for the common good.

Examples of Consistency

A woman with the strengths of Consistency and Individualization spends the same amount of money (Consistency) on every family member for birthdays, but each gift was unique (Individualization).

A man who was in charge of compiling an organization’s monthly report, communicated to those contributing reports that the deadline for submission was noon the 3rd Thursday of the month. He would enforce that deadline. No one could submit it 5 minutes late or even ask for another day. There were no edges or deals because everyone knew ahead of time, when reports were due. Everyone had fair notice, so no excuses. After a couple months, no one missed the deadline and the organization had timely and complete reports, thanks to his Consistency.

Your Consistency

Do you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Consistency or know someone who might? What does it look like to you?