Exploring the StrengthsFinder Theme of Discipline

Do you know a person who is known for asking the following questions… “Is this going to be the same way we did it before? Can you please tell me the expectations and the details of this upcoming event?” Or do you know someone who can take vast amounts of seemingly disparate data and information and make the most beautiful, ordered spreadsheet?

These people may have the StrengthsFinder theme of Discipline.

Definition of Discipline

People with the strength of Discipline are best known by how they order and plan, or how they bring plans and order to people and places. Because people with the strength of Discipline can plan, organize, structure and execute, they seem to be able to achieve this with great accuracy and productivity within structured environments.

People with the strength of Discipline like to know what is expected of them. They love accurate timelines and deadlines, They want to know where there is control and where there is not. The more familiar they are with something, the better they are. People with Discipline dislike surprises and the unexpected. That said, they do what they can to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

People with the StrengthsFinder theme of Discipline are not afraid to impose a structure on something. They don’t mind exposing areas that are disorganized and unstructured – all with the goal to create greater engagement in relationships and productivity in life. Because of their ability to plan and create systematic ways to get things done, people with the strength of Discipline can get a lot accomplished. Their structures can be simple or very complex, involving multiple stages over great periods of time.

They have energy to give structure and order to the environments around them. They are not particularly satisfied in just thinking about how things can work well, the person with Discipline actually wants to get something done in order for other people to be more at ease, effective, relational and productive.

Key words for people with Discipline are:

  • order
  • structure
  • form
  • boundaries
  • expectations
  • outcomes
  • stages
  • predictable
  • scalable
  • sustainable

Those words are music to their ears.

Remember, they,

  • Work in structure and organization
  • Create structure and organization
  • Provide structure and organization
  • Believe in Fast and efficient methods, and Seek to maintain the highest quality

How the StrengthsFinder Theme of Discipline is Generative

People with the strength of generative Discipline create places and spaces where other people can come together and connect with each other. They have a stamina to continue refining and defining so more people can be impacted and the accuracy of work can increase. These plans or spreadsheets can bring a sense of predictability, expectation and commonality that put people at ease. And find their needs being met.

Examples of Discipline

One woman with Discipline remarked that she is most at ease when her vacation is structured by predictable meal times and pre-scheduled activities. She also noted that she always reads two books on every holiday, one non-fiction and one good mystery. And those 2 books must be read by the time she gets home.

Your Discipline

If you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Discipline, what does it look like? What are the routines and structures that help you get work done?