Exploring the StrengthsFinder Theme of Achiever

If you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Achiever, or know someone who does, how much of this resonates with you? Have you ever wondered to yourself, “How does that person get so much work done?” Or, “They just keep working and working, doing more and more, do they ever slow down or get tired?” That’s the strength of Achiever.

Achiever Definition

Simply defined, a person with the StrengthsFinder theme of Achiever is known for having a great stamina for hard work. In fact, Achievers enjoy working hard and they also gain momentum with accomplishing more and more work. Someone with the strength of Achiever has a particular motivation, drive and determination to achieve something with her time.

You may recognize an Achiever because he seems to be in constant motion, or activity, or with different types of projects. Think of an Achiever as an endurance athlete when it comes to getting things done. Once an Achiever gets started, they seem to have a unique pace to getting their work done. And this pace, different with each person, can be maintained over a great deal of time.

An Achiever likes to set goals, and usually creates lists of things that need to be done to accomplish these goals. Lists and goals can be made for daily activities, projects, future goals, relationships, or even for accomplishments. The Achiever list-makers are able to work productively and efficiently, anxiously or eagerly moving through the steps. Check. Check. Check. A sense of ‘celebration’ with what has been accomplished.

Sometimes they add things to their list. For achievers, doing is positive esteem.

Numerous people with the strengths of Achiever are known for getting stuff done. Achievers get that reputation because coworkers see and experience their hardworking, driven behaviors day after day. Colleagues learn to spot the achiever, as he is not only a hard worker, but is someone who isn’t content until he’s able to show something for his work.

How the StrengthsFinder theme of Achiever is Generative

Achievers are generative for others because they motivate others to work alongside them. Achievers can share with others the work that needs to be done. Achievers can help put an order to work, by making lists, keeping track of accomplished work, and helping to maintain efficiency in the productivity of a work group.

Beware slackers, Achievers may not have time for you!

Behavioral Examples of the StrengthsFinder Theme of Achiever

One man we know has the strengths of Achiever and Empathy. He had an emotional connection to each of the items on his to do list. If his work was questioned, his feelings might be hurt. However, he could do more things in an hour than most people do in one day. And Achievers work hard everyday.

We have a friend with Achiever, paired with the strength of Discipline – Discipline is a strength describing a person who likes order, plans and structures in place so they can be more productive. Her Achiever worked within the categories she created with her Discipline.

For example,

  1. she made lists of work for her job,
  2. she had activities and chores planned for when she was at home,
  3. there was work that she saved for the weekend, and
  4. she also had lists of accomplishment she wanted to Achieve in her personal life.

What about Your Achiever?

Does this resonate with you? What might you add to this description?