For individuals who want to enhance their skills to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strength.


MINNEAPOLIS: January 16-17 and March 26-27, 2020


Strengths Communicator is for Strengths professionals who want to enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths. At the conclusion, you will learn how to lead others through a 1 to 1 StrengthsFinder conversation around their top five themes of Strength.

We developed our Strengths Communicator Training to help individuals enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths. Strengths are understood, heard and seen. Therefore, Strengths can also be misunderstood, misperceived and misapplied.

Strengths Communicator Training teaches Strengths Professionals the disciplines of hearing, seeing and understanding the behaviors and nature of Strengths. This training focuses on the disciplines needed to conduct a 1 to 1 conversation as well as the professional delivery of that information in feedback sessions, group training, etc..

The training consists of four days of in-person training at specified location (see below). The time between the two sessions of training will be used for you to complete your “Strengths Conversations” as well as an opportunity to check-in with members of our team.

The Strengths Communicator Training gives you knowledge of Strengths. This knowledge helps you understand, identify and look for the nuances of the Strengths in individuals.  Leadership Vision’s best gift to me was the wisdom of how to help others discover this knowledge.

~ Todd Maas, Retreat Manager, Youth Frontiers


The training consists of four days of in-person training (on site, see below), as well as self-directed work during the interim period. We host two cohorts per year: a winter and summer session.


Education: Foundations, philosophy and behavior application of StrengthsFinder


Practicum: Practicing Strengths Conversation, building personal best practices


This interim period will be used to complete your 12 Strengths Conversations and check-in with a member of our team.


Peer-to-peer presentation: of Strengths Conversations


Best practices: for Strengths Communicators

The twelve conversations allowed me to have specific conversations with twelve people in my life and listen to them describe 26 of the 34 strengths.  I now have a better understanding of some of the most complicated people in my life and how they navigate the world.

~ Erin Leonard, Assistant Executive Director. Minnesota State Retirement System




Four days of in-person training

One year access to online Strengths Communicator portal, containing the Leadership Vision ThemePrint documents and 34 Themes of Strength videos

Private Facebook group for ongoing, continuous access to cohorts members

A six-month check-in with a Leadership Vision consultant


Brian Schubring Connectedness | Strategic | Competition Futuristic | Intellection

Brian Schubring is the Founder and President of Leadership Vision, a firm providing Strengths based organizational and leadership consulting.

Brian brings 30+ years of leadership experience within the private sector, education, and business. Since 2000, he has worked with over 20,000 individuals in more than 350 organizations in Asia, North and Central America, and 18 European countries. Brian has done extensive consulting, team building and coaching with individuals for the purpose of building strong people, teams and organizational culture.

His consulting consistently results in sustainable leadership initiatives in each organization. The genius of Brian’s leadership within Leadership Vision is that he surrounds himself with uniquely talented and high capacity people who bring a commitment to excellence and service in all the work we do as a team.

Linda Schubring Connectedness | Individualization | Strategic Empathy | Adaptability

As a consultant with Leadership Vision since 2008, Dr. Linda Schubring brings heart and soul to each engagement. She particularizes people and is a charismatic communicator. Linda leads out of her emotional intelligence and is fueled with passion for people to find their voice and unique contribution to groups, teams, and the world whether they are educators, business professionals, or life-long learners.

As a self-proclaimed world citizen, Linda has traveled around the world studying culture and adding to her cultural repertoire. She has taught English in Thailand, served in an orphanage in Mozambique, built latrines in El Salvador, and consulted with teams in Asia, North and Central America, and 18 European countries.

Through a decade of administration in higher education, she developed proven management, leadership development, and successful bridge building skills. After serving 15 years in Higher Education, she earned a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies. She studied how teams and individuals navigate change. Linda also serves as the VP of Employee Experience & Culture at Aeritae, an IT consulting firm based in the Twin Cities.


When you click the REGISTER NOW button, you will be directed to our online registration and payment system. In the payment section, you can choose to pay online with a credit card, or via invoice with a check. We will also ask for your 5 Themes of Strength, so have that handy. This will secure your spot for our next Strengths Communicator Training.
COST: $3,250


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