How Did You Use Strengths in a Conversation this Week? Summer Strengths Conversation #2

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder.

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We’re on summer break at Leadership Vision, and rather than take the next few weeks off, we decided to record a series of mini-episodes for the podcast. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share one Strengths-Based question to ponder in the week ahead. This episode is the second in a four-week series and we hope it will provide you with something to chew on as you go about your week. Go back and listen to the others! These questions are perfect for discussion with a friend, team, or even your entire organization.

Here’s the question for this week:

What two strengths did you use in a conversation with a colleague or employee this week? What was the result?

More specifically, what talents of your Strengths did you notice showing up in a conversation? The more you’re able to identify which unique patterns of behavior are tied to which Strength, the more you’ll grow in awareness of how your Strengths show up on a daily basis.

Maybe you noticed your Ideation spinning with new ideas for a project you were assigned when talking to your boss or perhaps your Activator was ready to jump in and get started! By identifying your behaviors of Strength, you’ll become more aware of how they generate life in you and others.

As you answer these questions, think about how identifying them may be helpful to further your understanding of your Strengths. What did you learn about yourself by answering this question?

A Personal Example

Recently, I had two conversations: one with our CEO, Brian Schubring, and one with his wife and fellow Leadership Vision Consultant, Dr. Linda Schubring. In both conversations, we were discussing details for an upcoming Strengths Communicator Training. My mind was full of checklists of everything that needed to get done. I had a list of tasks I needed to complete, a list of details I needed to communicate to participants, and a list of logistics I needed to confirm with Brian and Linda.

As an Achiever, I live by lists! But to effectively and efficiently complete those lists, I rely on my Discipline. My Discipline is rooted in routine and structure. I know that leading up to Strengths Communicator Training, I always have multiple lists and one is always a “Brian and Linda list.” Part of my structure in preparing for this training is to have conversations with Brian and Linda a week before the training. I prefer to have this conversation a month in advance as I am eager to check off my lists. But, my Individualization knows that these conversations will be most productive closer to the date so that Brian and Linda can connect to the content.

My Discipline has adopted this routine as “normal,” which eases my mind about how closely the conversation is happening to the event. By leaning on my Strengths of Achiever, Discipline, and Individualization, I’m able to plan for this training in a way that’s life-giving to myself as well as all others involved.

Your Strengths

So what about you? What two strengths did you use in a conversation with a colleague or employee this week? What was the result? Think of a few examples, jot them down, and share with a friend or colleague. Ask for feedback and see if they agree or disagree. As a bonus, ask them to answer the same question, then compare to see what similarities or differences you both have.

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