What is the StrengthsFinder theme of Individualization

Do you know those people who mix and match colors and patterns in their outfits and somehow it works? Have you ever received a gift from someone that was simply perfect — even though you never said out loud you wanted it? Didn’t that just make you feel known? Have you ever met someone reluctant to embrace StrengthsFinder™ because the findings might box him in or inaccurately label others?

These people may have the strength of Individualization.

Definition of Individualization

People with the strength of Individualization see each person as one of a kind. They are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. They tend to have a natural ability to discover uniqueness or hidden talents without the need for an assessment or other tool. They want to do what they can to draw out uniqueness. People with the strength of Individualization are attentive to people’s individual style, attitudes, and interests. They notice how others think or are motivated.

  • People are unique and different.
  • People are valuable.

The person with the strength of Individualization will focus on uniqueness because she believes people should not be dropped into broad categories. There are no generalizations. Someone with Individualization gains joy by not only identifying what makes someone unique, but relating to other people through that particular quality, characteristic, or style.

This is not just a focus on others. People with Individualization often want to be uniquely understood, too. They see how they are unique, how they stand out, how they are different than everyone else. They do not like to be marginalized, boxed in or included in general categories.

How Individualization is Generative

The strength of Individualization is generative because these people place a high value and pay close attention to the individual. People with generative Individualization pay attention to others, they seek out what makes them unique with the same fervor that one would pan for gold – one step at a time, looking for and finding even the smallest quality of what is precious and valuable. Those with generative Individualization can clearly identify and articulate what makes each person valuable, respectable and known.

Potential is realized, highlighted, maximized, because it is brought to the forefront.

Examples of Individualization

One leader we know with individualization can name the strengths and capacities of each person on her team. She never used an assessment or a psychometric, she just built strong relationships and trust with the team. She learned how to motivate each person uniquely. Her status meetings with each individual looked different. Some would meet in a quiet room, some would be over a meal, some became walking meetings. Each meeting met the needs of each individual because each person was in the right environment to express himself or herself most fully. It is no surprise that the team members had great respect her as a leader.

One friend I know with individualization not only gives perfect gifts, but she wraps presents in the most unique way—in an antique box, or cut out bottle, or in the middle of flowers. On a table of gifts, you always know which one is from her.

Your Individualization

Do you have the StrengthsFinder theme of Individualization? If so, what you resonate with at the above description?