How Do you Deal with Conflict? Summer Strengths Question #1

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder.

We’re sort of on a summer break at Leadership Vision. Rather than taking the next few weeks off, we decided to record a series of mini-episodes for the podcast. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share one Strengths-Based question to ponder in the week ahead. This episode is the first in a four-week series and we hope it will provide you with something to chew on as you go about your week.

We also hope that these questions will be practical; one thing to focus on as you develop your awareness of how your Themes of Strength operate. These questions are perfect for discussion with a friend, team, or even your entire organization.

Here’s the question for this week:

  • How do your Strengths help you deal with conflict?

Operating out of areas where you naturally excel allows you to tap into your full potential by giving you direction both professionally and personally. When armed with this knowledge, you can also navigate change, conflict, or other confusing situations that would otherwise leave you stumped as to how to move forward.

We can all probably think of an example of something going on in our lives right now that involves at least a little bit of conflict. If you’re on a team, this probably happens nearly every day. And of course, our personal lives can be filled with all sorts of varying degrees of conflict. Our question in this episode isn’t intended to help you get rid of conflict or to help you avoid it, although sometimes that may be the preferred method, but instead, to force you to think about what your Strengths do, either positively or negatively, when you find yourself in a situation involving conflict.

A Personal Example

When I’m dealing with conflict, my Theme of Communication works hard to help both myself and the other person understand the root issues. This is an example of my Restorative and Communication Themes working together. I’m usually not happy to move on; I want to know why this conflict happened, the causes, and how we can work together so it never happens again. (That’s where my Maximizer shows up, in the ‘never happens again’ part.) As I get older and learn more about how my Strengths operate, I’ve learned how to regulate these Themes on a more consistent basis. Sometimes, the cause of a problem is irrelevant and dropping it and letting it go is the answer.

What about you?

How do your Strengths help you deal with conflict? Think of a few examples and share them with someone you trust. Ask for honest feedback and see what you can learn. As a bonus, ask them to answer the same question and then see what similarities or differences you both have.

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