Join our Summer Series of Strengths Questions “Show”

Leadership Vision is excited to announce a new series “show” this summer. Starting Monday, June 19th at 10:15 AM (PST), 12:15 PM (CST) and running every other week until Labor Day, join us for our Summer Series of Strengths Questions. Carrie and I will talk about some of the best ways to have Strengths Based conversations with your team.

Join Here!

These weekly 30-minute Facebook Live conversations will provide some of our best insight into how to use Strengths Based questions and discussion topics with your team. The show will share universal tips for using StrengthsFinder through our personal experience and feedback.

Why Are We Doing This?

Carrie and I have been wanting to find a new way to communicate Leadership Vision’s approach around Strengths Based conversations aside from just our blog. It only seemed right to have an actual conversation!

We decided to cultivate this dialogue in a live format to provide an opportunity to interact with you and answer your questions.

Schedule and Format

The structure of the show is going to be somewhere between a polished University lecture and two colleagues chatting around the proverbial water cooler. Carrie and I are already talking about some of these things anyway, so why not share them with you?

Each “episode” will be roughly 30 minutes long and plan to have plenty of time (10-15 minutes) for discussion with you, our fellow Strengths professionals/audience/viewers.

Here is our tentative topic list:

Week 1 – June 19: Introduction, What is this?

We’ll share a bit more about our show and what you can expect, as well as answer any questions you may have right off the bat.

Week 2 – June 26: Am I a good Team member? (Intention vs. Experience)

Sometimes the way we see ourselves on a team is very different from how others see us. We’ll talk about how we can bring these two perspectives more into alignment.

Week 3 – July 10: How do your Strengths help you deal with conflict/challenge?

Conflict and challenge aren’t necessarily the same thing. We’ll talk about how our Strengths show up or don’t, in both of these scenarios.

Week 4 – July 24: What Strength(s) does your team need more/less of from you?

Sometimes, we don’t contribute in the way our team needs us too. We’ll talk about how we can become more self-aware and aware of the needs of the team.

Week 5 – August 7: Using Images to talk about Strengths

This episode will be a hands-on discussion where we’ll show you how to turn everyday objects into talking points about Strengths.

Week 6 – August 21: TBD

Based on your feedback, we’ll plan accordingly!

Week 7 – September 5th or 6th: Wrap Up/What’s Next?

We’ll talk a bit about next steps and where we go from here. We’ll also allow the majority of the time to answer your questions.

Join Us!

Please join us on Monday, June 19th at 10:15 AM (PST), 12:15 PM (CST) for a fun discussion about Strengths! To join, go to our Facebook page and click on the “get reminders” link.

See you then!