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My Strengths Experience

Hi [wlm_firstname], welcome to My Strengths Experience – a free resource from Leadership Vision to help you better understand your themes of Strength. Here you\’ll find a collection of our custom theme descriptions (your 5) along with our domain videos. We\’ve also included a few activities to help you process what you\’ve read.


Take a few minutes to read through each of your 5 themes of Strength. When finished, do this.

  1. Print out each of the theme descriptions.
  2. Read each description and underline or highlight key phrases, sentences or words. What jumps out? What resonates? Use different symbols or colors to indicate how much those things describe you.
  3. Next, using a different color, indicate the things you’re not quite sure of. Perhaps you can see some truth to them, but not all the time. Maybe you’re just confused by the wording. Identify things that are unclear.
  4. Repeat this process for each of your five themes.

When complete, treat a friend, close family member or work colleague to coffee, show this to them, and get their feedback.


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Domain Videos

Watch these four short videos below to hear an explanation of your Themes of Strength.


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