How our Preview Experience helps people understand our Strengths Based Approach

On Friday May 16th we hosted a preview experience at our headquarters, CoCo Minneapolis. Over 23 people from 16 different organizations joined us to:

  1. Learn more about their strengths.
  2. Find out how they, and their organizations, can continue to leverage strengths.

The experience was conducted over a three hour timeline and showcased Leadership Vision Consulting’s unique approach to strengths based training and consulting. Our core offerings center on:

  1. How your StrengthsFinder results can help you be a stronger person.
  2. How your StrengthsFinder results can help you build stronger teams.
  3. How your StrengthsFinder results can help you create a stronger culture.

How do we do this?

  1. Teaching.
  2. One on One Interviews.
  3. 360 interactive feedback session.

During the preview experience we had our guests walk through smaller versions of all of our core training.  For instance, we picked two people to go through a theme print activity of their Achiever strength. Using the talents that make up every strength, we had them identify at the same time in front of the group which talents resonated with them. We all could see that those two Achievers had some similarities, but also many differences.

This is an activity we do in every one of our 201 introduction teaching days with clients.

Everyone then went through the theme print activity of their own top five strengths, and identified which talents for each strength were alive and active for them. We proceeded to highlight some common themes for this group and did an interactive feedback session on common strengths for all our guests.

Three hours goes by really fast, so we wanted to make sure we had our guests get a bit of a taste for what an interactive 360 process looks like and how it would help their organizations. Every participants’ strengths were listed on big post it notes that surrounded the room. Each participant partnered up with someone else and had a brief conversation about one of their strengths.

Then, the other person would report back to the group on what they learned from that other participant. They also made some notes unique to that person on their post it note.

Questions Answered

We took time to work through questions that inevitably come up in these settings. Questions such as:

  1. How can I get my organization to buy into this?
  2. How long does this process take?
  3. How much should we do first?
  4. We have already ‘done’ strengths, how are you different?  How do you take what we have done to the next level?

It was energizing to see a new group of guests have their questions answered as lightbulbs started going off in their heads about strengths. StrengthsFinder training is a big investment for any organization. An investment we know yields great results for those organizations who choose to engage what we do.

These experiences help key decision makers understand why they should consider making an investment in their culture by partnering with us at Leadership Vision Consulting.

Our Next Preview Event

We plan to have another free preview experience on August 15th, 2014 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Would you be interested in joining us?  Please contact us!