How we Helped Build a Strengths Based Culture

Using StrengthsFinder to work with clients on a long term basis is some of our most rewarding work. When you’re in the same organization for an extended period of time, you get to see how a strengths based culture can exist. You can also see positive change happen, and often, revenues grow.

We began our work with Aeritae Consulting Group in St. Paul Minnesota in 2010. Aeritae is an IT firm that delivers products, services and thought leadership in 5 spaces:

  1. Leadership and organization
  2. Service management
  3. Governance, risk and compliance
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Architecture.

In addition, Aeritae is a values-driven culture with values-driven owners who share a desire to see their employees thrive, expand, and grow. After 3 years of engagement around StrengthsFinder, they wanted to focus more intently on their strengths in the midst of a reorganization and hired Dr. Linda Schubring, LVC Senior Consultant, to serve on their leadership team as the Director of StrengthsBased Organizational Culture.

Building an Internal Strengths Based Culture

Aeritae has internally focused on building a culture of strengths. Examples include the employee whose strengths of Learner and Intellection asks questions that lead, shape change, and empower others because it is such a powerful display from a humble place.

There is the employee with Responsibility and Discipline has been given an opportunity to create and perfect systems within a human resources domain.

There are also teammates who learned that they shared a theme of strength called analytical and that was the root how they butt heads and bred misunderstanding.

Using Strengths to Solve Problems

The “aha” for this multi-year strengths based initiative was the beginning of their improved communication and productivity, throughout the company. One of the key, successful service line teams, who together, their most common strength is Restorative, are uncovering problems and finding solutions at all levels of organizations based on what other strengths are in their profile.

Aeritate is now one of our key B2B relationships in the Twin Cities.

What ways have you seen a strengths based culture develop in an organization?