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Client Experience

At Leadership Vision, we adapt and respond to the needs of our clients by delivering customized Strengths engagements.

Core Process

Our Core Process is designed to take clients beyond an initial StrengthsFinder experience to create a deeper understanding of the unique behaviors of Strength that exist within themselves and others.

201 Education Session

The 201 Education Session provides an individual understanding of personal StrengthsFinder™ themes through a behavior based approach.

1 to 1 Conversation

The 1 to 1 conversation is an in-depth dialogue with a Leadership Vision Consultant to help individuals gain a broader perspective of their Strengths.

Learning Community

The Learning Community is a culminating Team experience that integrates Strengths learning, 1 to 1 conversations, and reflective observations shared through a visual narrative.

Professional Services

Our suite of Professional Services anchor a Strengths based approach to the changing dynamics within any organization. We collaborate with our clients to design and deliver a sustainable implementation strategy which meets the needs of their People, Teams, and Culture.

For Individuals

Strengths Course
Strengths Coaching
Executive Coaching
Apprentice Program

For Teams

Team Engagement
Vision Trekk
Team Leader Training
Strengths Based Leadership
Alignment on Purpose

For Organizations

Cultural Assessment
Strengths Communicator Training
Strengths Practitioners
Performance Management
Selection and Recruitment

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We would love to talk to you about helping your team become a Strengths based organization!