How we Help Create Strong People

In principal and in practice, LVC is about people. We aim to provide a relational and intentional experience of service and excellence to all our clients. We provide an innovative and invitational means and experience to understand oneself and ones family friends, and colleagues.

Our senior consultants each bring a minimum of 10 years of professional StrengthsFinder experience. All our services begin with a shared learning of people through the lens of StrengthsFinder. We continue to build teams and culture by any associated strengths based tools and services for practical application.

What do you Need?

Whether you would like a brief team building event, or a long term investment in a strengths based culture, the goal of LVC is to build strong people, strong teams and strong culture.

LVC believes the StrengthsFinder can help us understand what is right about each person. We believe that everything we do is grounded upon the discovery of the rightness of people.

One of our primary objectives is… the right person in the right place at the right time… all the time.

  • With the right person there is connection, community and cause.
  • In the right place there is peace, purpose and provision.
  • At the right time there is influence, integrity and inspiration.

Your Investment

People are the foundation of any successful endeavor. Without people, you have no team and no culture. How are you currently investing into your people?