How a ThemePrint Can Express your Uniqueness

A ThemePrint is a unique expression, an imprint, of your themes of strength. A ThemePrint is an image, a visual representation of how your talents, your behaviors, express your strength. A ThemePrint also captures how strong each of your behaviors or talents are.

Some strengths are stronger than others because you engage fewer behaviors of one strength than another. A ThemePrint helps us understand not only which strength is used more than another, but also gives clues into what strengths work together. A ThemePrint also reveals the unique characteristics of our strengths, even among the same strengths we share with others.

Just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two strengths of the same name are the same. A fingerprint is made up of a fingertip’s unique patterning of ridges. A ThemePrint is made up of a strength’s unique patterning of observable behaviors.

No Two ThemePrints Are The Same

Remember, just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two ThemePrints are the same. Often, we hear people say something like,

Oh, you have Arranger, so do I. We are so alike.

We understand why people say this, but strengths are not that generic. All strengths are made up of, generally, 10-16 talents, or observable behaviors. These behaviors are found within the paragraph describing your individual strengths. Perhaps that paragraph is in your on-line results or in a StrengthsFinder books like, StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Discover Your ThemePrint

Think of your index finger—most of us have one, it’s fingerprint is different for each individual. So too with strengths… If two people share the strength of Achiever, this strength will not look same in each person. For each person, the expression of their strength of Achiever will be unique, depending on which behaviors are being used and how they interact with each other.

Some ThemePrints will be subtle, some will be strong. But rest assured, each ThemePrint will be unique and distinctly yours.

So how do we discover our unique ThemePrint? Simply by taking the ThemePrint profile.

Through Leadership Vision’s curriculum and online resources, you can discover your ThemePrint for all 5 of your top StrengthFinder themes. And imagine how those 5 ThemePrints come together.

Your ThemePrint

What are your top 5 themes? Which one, two or three do you think you are using together most often?