What We’re Grateful For At Leadership Vision In 2019

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It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States, so we’re taking a little break from our Team Engagement Podcast Series. Every year our team shares a few brief things we’re thankful for, and so this year, I decided to commandeer a staff meeting and record those reflections! Today on the podcast, you’ll get to hear each member of our team (except Heather) reflect on one little thing they are grateful for.

Best selling, author Melody Beattie says, “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.Reflection is a powerful process that reminds us of the good things in life and teaches us something about the bad.

To prepare for this time of reflection and gratitude, I spent some time googling “reflection questions” and “gratitude reflection” and a host of other keywords about this topic. I found a lot of information but the website Live Your Legend (a “career and connection platform to inspire people to find their passion”) seemed the most applicable to what I was trying to accomplish. They have a series of gratitude questions that helped me look at what I was thankful for through a new lens. My hope is that we can all learn to not only reflect during the Thanksgiving Holiday but also begin to develop habits that enable us to make gratitude part of our everyday life.

Our Gratitude Reflection Questions

For this activity, I read through the questions and randomly assigned one to each member of our team. Below are the questions we used and who they were assigned to. Please listen to the episode to hear what each of us shared.

  1. BRIAN – Who are you grateful for? Your mother, father, children, spouse, extended family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, pets.
  2. LINDA – What around you are you grateful for? Physical surroundings (such as a house, car, city or state), external surroundings (such birds chirping, sun shining, rain falling) or emotional surroundings (such as the love you feel for or from someone).
  3. SARA – What did you do today that you enjoyed? Listened to a great song, played with your kids, met a friend for lunch, walked the dogs.
  4. CARRIE – What or who do you feel like you need in your life? Your car, your house, your phone, your TV, your favorite pair of shoes.
  5. STEPH – What do you feel lucky to have that some others do not? Food, water, warmth, family, friends, health.
  6. MELISSA – What happens in your life without you having to think about it? The sun rises and sets, your eyes blink, your heart beats, you can hear the sound of your alarm, you can go for a walk.
  7. NATHAN – What did your husband, wife, brother, child, etc. do today without you having to ask? They made lunch or dinner, they picked up the kids, they paid the bills, they called.
  8. HEATHER – What did not exist 10, 20, 50 years ago that is a regular part of your daily life now? Healthy easily accessible food, the TV, the iPhone, being able to fly almost anywhere in the world, apps that help us learn and grow.

I highly encourage you and your team or family to spend a few minutes reflecting on the things you are grateful for.

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