Steph Wahlund Senior Project Manager

Steph brings a youthful and determined drive to the team. Steph comes with team experience from being a collegiate athlete, Camp Program Director, and College Admissions Counselor. She has an eye for detail while also desiring to see the big picture. With a passion to problem solve and think critically, Steph is always seeking the “why” behind things as well as how systems can be improved.

She brings experience in event planning, intentional mass, and individual communication, customer service, and relationship building. Her desire for every person to be known and appreciated equips her with a desire for teams to function to their fullest potential both relationally and strategically. She brings a unique blend of being task focused while first valuing individuals.

Steph has an undergraduate degree in Organizational Communications from Bethel University.  She loves encouraging and empowering rising generations through coaching and mentoring.

Steph lives in Richfield, MN with her husband Kyle and their two furry children, a black lab named Battle and a gray tabby named Tofte.