Linda Schubring Consultant

Since 2008, Dr. Linda Schubring brings heart and soul to each engagement at Leadership Vision. As a principal consultant at Leadership Vision, she particularizes people and is a charismatic communicator. Linda leads out of her emotional intelligence and is fueled with a passion for people to find their voice and unique contribution to groups, teams, and the world whether they are business professionals, educators or life-long learners.

As a self-proclaimed world citizen, Linda has traveled around the world from Asia, Europe, Central and South America and across the US studying culture and adding to her cultural repertoire.

Through a decade of administration in higher education, she developed proven management, leadership development, and successful bridge building skills. From 1998-2012 she served in a variety of capacities in Higher Education. Linda earned her Doctorate in Intercultural Studies where she studied how multi-national leaders, teams and individuals navigate change in a European context. From 2012-2019 she served as the VP of Employee Experience and Culture at an IT service innovation consulting firm in the Twin Cities. Her experience on an executive team and as an executive coach has fueled her drive to help individuals flourish, teams to excel and companies to thrive through a cultivation of positive organizational culture.

She and her husband, Brian who is the president of Leadership Vision reside in Minneapolis.

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