Strengths Communicator Training: Webinar Replay

Quite often in our role as consultants, we encounter individuals who want to take their knowledge and awareness of Strengths to a deeper level. In fact, it’s rare when people don’t want to do this. Usually, this is for personal reasons, but also to help their team or organization utilize the Strengths that exist among them.

After years of hearing clients ask us for something to help them fill this need, we developed our Strengths Communicator Training. The training consists of four days of in-person training at Leadership Vision headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year, those dates are January 19-20 (a beautiful time to be in Minnesota) and March 2-3, 2017, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

In the five weeks between those two sessions, participants will be completing 10 – 12 “Strengths Conversations.” These 1 to 1 StrengthsFinder conversations will not only benefit the interviewee, but help those in the training develop their style, voice, and listening skills to hear the behaviors in each theme of Strength.

Who is This For?

Strengths Communicator is for Strengths professionals who want to enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths. Strengths Communicator Training teaches Strengths Professionals the disciplines of hearing, seeing and understanding the behaviors and nature of Strengths. This training focuses on the disciplines needed to conduct a 1 to 1 conversation as well as the professional delivery of that information in feedback sessions, group training, etc..

This training is best for those who want to enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths.

  • Some independent business professionals want to add this certification to their coaching or professional development repertoire to increase their effectiveness and marketability.
  • Some individuals want to become champions within their organization, an educated internal advocate who can help facilitate Strengths conversations.

What You Will Learn

Leadership Vision’s Strengths Communicator Training has helped fill in the gaps by relationally and intentionally engaging participants to meet the following objectives:

  • Learned…the Leadership Vision Philosophy and approach to Strengths

  • Identified…your personal style in conducting one-to-one conversations

  • Obtained…the skills, knowledge, and ability to apply the learnings within your context

  • Familiarized…yourself with the complexity and behavioral nuances of each of the 34 Themes of Strength

In addition, you will have access to a year of our proprietary resources, and online learning portal to help you to continually improve your Strengths voice.

What Other Are Saying

Debbie Flanagan of Debbie Flanagan Consulting says,

I have used what I learned in the certification with every single client that I have as well as have facilitated a couple of group training sessions utilizing the Themeprint process. I love it and every client that I have worked with loves it too. In my practice, I am very business minded and want to work with people to help them to make real change that will improve the quality of their lives. This program fits perfectly with that goal, as it enables people to gain such clarity on their Dominant pair and accelerator and allows them to remember them and make them very actionable.

Julie Anderson, of Anderson & Bischoff, Inc., a Gallup certified Strengths coach, recently completed our training. She told us,

I left feeling like I could move forward with a new enthusiasm and knowledge base, and a much more practical understanding of the possibilities for this work. Leadership Vision is generating this work every day locally and globally, and it felt like something I wanted to be part of. Seeing the possibilities modeled, suggested we could each carry out our work with our unique styles in ways that mattered.

Erin Leonard, Assistant Executive Director at the Minnesota State Retirement System, said,

Strengths Communicator gave me a better appreciation and understanding of my own strengths.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to engage my Learner and Relator strengths by getting to interact with a variety of individuals during the training, in addition to the twelve strengths conversations.  The twelve conversations allowed me to have specific conversations with twelve people in my life and listen to them describe 26 of the 34 strengths.  I now have a better understanding of some of the most complicated people in my life and how they navigate the world.

Learn More

Recently, Bethany and I had a chance to chat via webinar about this training. Watch as we go indepth about what it is, who it’s for, and why you should consider joining us in Minneapolis.



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about this training! We have a few spots left for the upcoming cohort and hope you’ll consider joining us.