How do your Strengths help you deal with Difficult Situations?

Leadership Vision will be hosting our third Summer Strengths Conversation on Wednesday, July 12 (join us here) at 1:00 pm CST / 11:00 am PST. During this episode, we will talk about ways you can use your Strengths, and the Strengths of your team, to help you overcome difficult situations.

There are two types of “difficult” situations in life: conflicts and challenges. While similar, they aren’t the same, and each presents unique obstacles. We need to understand how we respond to different circumstances to move through difficult situations effectively. We’ll talk about how our Strengths show up or don’t in difficult scenarios.

In this episode, Carrie and I will recap our previous episode, then define conflict and challenge, as well as discuss how we have seen both of these things within our company.

We will also share tips and reminders to help you and your team get through your next difficult situation. They will apply to both personal and professional situations.

See you then!

Join Us Wednesday, July 12, 1:00 PM (CST), 11:00 AM (PST)