Summer Strengths Series #2: Am I a Good Team Member?

Leadership Vision will be hosting our second, Summer Strengths Conversation on Monday, June 26 (join us here). We will pose this question:

Am I a Good Team Member?

Sometimes the way we see ourselves is very different from the way others see us. Anyone who has interacted with another person can probably recount a funny story about how a well-meaning comment was interpreted by the other person in the complete opposite way.

In this episode, Carrie and I will discuss some of the ways that our perception of who we are is different from how others view us. How our intent can be different from how others experience us. At Leadership Vision, we think these two perspectives can come into greater alignment through focusing on three things:

  • Assume Positive Intent
  • Asking Lots of Questions
  • Understanding each Other’s Strengths

Join us Monday, June 26, 12:10 PM (CST), 10:10 AM (PST)

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During our next episode, we will dive into these three areas, as well as discuss a survey we sent out to our team, asking for feedback on what Carrie and I do well, and where we could use improvement.

If you have any questions, before, ask in the comments below, and we’ll get them answered.