Join our 2017 Strengths Communicator Training

Leadership Vision is offering an opportunity for you to join the 2017 Strengths Communicator Training Certification. This training will be held January 19-20 and March 2-3 in Minneapolis. Our president, Brian, has recently described this training as “the core” of everything we do at Leadership Vision.

…we teach people a behavior-based approach to interpreting Strengths. Without this, Strengths are one dimensional and colorless.

To become fluent in the language of Strengths, you need to understand the behaviors behind them. These behaviors give them “meaning, depth, color, dimension, sound, timing and texture.” The behaviors, not the names, are where the uniqueness of each Strength exists. This is what we teach people to recognize through our Strengths Communicator training.

What is a Strengths Communicator?

Strengths Communicator is for Strengths professionals who want to enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths. At the conclusion, you will learn how to lead others through a 1 to 1 StrengthsFinder conversation around their top five themes of Strength.

We developed our Strengths Communicator Training to help individuals enhance their skills in order to help others understand the unique behaviors of Strengths. Strengths are understood, heard and seen. Therefore, Strengths can also be misunderstood, misperceived and misapplied.

Strengths Communicator Training teaches Strengths Professionals the disciplines of hearing, seeing and understanding the behaviors and nature of Strengths. This training focuses on the disciplines needed to conduct a 1 to 1 conversation as well as the professional delivery of that information in feedback sessions, group training, etc..

What is the Training Like?

The training consists of four days of in-person training at Leadership Vision headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will take place on January 19-20 and March 2-3, 2017, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The time between the two sessions of training will be used for you to complete your “Strengths Conversations” as well as an opportunity to check-in with members of our team.

What Past Participants Have to Say

Julie Anderson, of Anderson & Bischoff, Inc., a Gallup certified Strengths coach, recently completed our training. She told us,

I left feeling like I could move forward with a new enthusiasm and knowledge base, and a much more practical understanding of the possibilities for this work. Leadership Vision is generating this work every day locally and globally, and it felt like something I wanted to be part of. Seeing the possibilities modeled, suggested we could each carry out our work with our unique styles in ways that mattered.

Erin Leonard, Assistant Executive Director at the Minnesota State Retirement System, said,

Strengths Communicator gave me a better appreciation and understanding of my own strengths.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to engage my Learner and Relator strengths by getting to interact with a variety of individuals during the training, in addition to the twelve strengths conversations.  The twelve conversations allowed me to have specific conversations with twelve people in my life and listen to them describe 26 of the 34 strengths.  I now have a better understanding of some of the most complicated people in my life and how they navigate the world.

Consider this an opportunity to invest in yourself. Since we began working with StrengthsFinder in 1999, we have learned a lot about how this work benefits individuals and teams. At the end of the day, we want to help Strengths Professionals raise the bar on creating Strengths Based Cultures.

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