Why we are Passionate about Strengths Communicator Training

We are in the middle of our most recent Strengths Communicator Training. This cohort is an eclectic group of individuals who represent a wide variety of both for profit and nonprofit organizations, but all share the same passion for Strengths. Despite the busyness of our business, Strengths Communicator is a program I prioritize investing in.

Knowing that we were doing this, my business coach Mark asked me in a somewhat sarcastic and frustrated tone, “Brian, why are you so passionate about this Strengths Communicator Training?

I smirked and quickly replied,

Because Strengths Communicator Training is the core, the foundation of everything that we do at Leadership Vision. Because we teach people a behavior-based approach to interpreting Strengths. Without this, Strengths are one dimensional and colorless.

Mark responded fast, “What does that mean, really?!

I explained that behaviors of Strengths can be observed and felt, they can be identified and called out, they can be understood and explained, they can change and evolve. The behaviors of Strengths are what give meaning, depth, color, dimension, sound, timing and texture to the Strengths. The uniqueness of Strengths are not contained in the name of the Strength, but in the multidimensional nature of the behaviors of the Strengths. And this is what we are teaching people to recognize.

Mark looked at me and said, “Now I want to hear more about that!”

So, in response to Mark’s request, and to the requests of dozens of others, I am going to summarize why I am so passionate about Strengths Communicator Training.

(By-the-way, Mark signed up for this Strengths Communicator cohort).

Where My Passion Began

The turning point for me came in 2005 at a Chic Fil-A restaurant. I was sitting across the table from Edward “Chip” Anderson, my mentor. I asked Chip, “So, what is the secret to Strengths?” His reply was simple, “Talents, Talents, Talents.” He explained that focusing on the definitions of Strengths is not going to help people in the long run.

It is the understanding of the talents of Strengths, those observable and identifiable unique behaviors and characteristics of Strengths that make them personal and meaningful.

This quick ‘secret’ advice changed everything for me. “Talents, talents, talents,” is at the core of why 1 to 1 Strengths Conversations is such an important piece of the Leadership Vision process. This theme, “talents, talents, talents,” became core to our Strengths Communicator Training.

What Are We Training People To Do?

Those words from Chip Anderson stuck with me and years later we developed the Strengths Communicator Training. Our main focus during this training is all about understanding talents. We are teaching participants to deepen the 1 to 1 Strengths Conversation by practicing this discipline of “talents, talents, talents.” Here, we listen not for Strengths, but for the talents – which are behaviors and characteristics of a person’s Strengths profile.

As Strengths Professionals, we practice 1 to 1 Conversations because:

  • The more we listen the more we hear Strengths.
  • The more we hear the more we see Strengths.
  • The more we hear and see the more we understand Strengths.
  • The more we hear, see and understand the better we can teach Strengths.
  • The better we can teach Strengths, the more personal and meaningful Strengths become.

Why this is Important

I am passionately convicted that I would be of dis-service to others by just naming their strengths – in some way trying to prove what I know of them. I am passionately dedicated to be of service to others by letting them show me who they are, and then my service comes into play to honor and dignify who they are as people, influencers and leaders.

When I sit across from someone in a 1 to 1 conversation, I believe it is my professional responsibility to seek understanding and clarity on who this person is, through the lens of Strengths. Remembering more than anything that Strengths are a collection of talents; the observable and seen behaviors of Strength, the intuitive and unseen characteristics of Strengths.

And because, the more we listen, see and understand Strengths, the more personal and meaningful Strengths become.

Click here to learn more about our next cohort of Strengths Communicator Training beginning in early 2017.