Learning on the Go & Reflecting on Our Work (podcast)

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of CliftonStrengths.

This fall, our team traveled a lot! There was a three-week stretch in October when six out of seven of us were working with a client somewhere in the world. It was crazy, but also exhilarating. I decided to pack my recorder on one of those client engagement trips to see what I could capture. I flew into California from Portland and Sara Schlipp-Riedel, who arrived from Minneapolis earlier in the day, planned to pick me up in a rental car. I texted her right before takeoff and told her to be ready to talk when I got in the car.

On this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear a pretty raw conversation between Sara and I as we travel to and from a client engagement. In the first part of the show, Sara and I talk about our work with the client and share a few points of learning we hoped to have with them. This engagement fosters curiosity and our hope is to instill in them a greater wonderment for their team members. Any way we can provide them with tools for understanding themselves and others better, we take as a success.

In the second half of the episode, on the way back to the airport, you’ll hear us reflect on a few things we learned from this group. Things that surprised us, things that went pretty much as expected, as well as a few personal and professional takeaways. I hope you enjoy this episode. No matter where you’re at on your Strengths journey, I think there are some helpful insights you can take back to your team, to your organization, or maybe implement in your own life.

Two Take-Aways

As I reflect on the conversation I had with Sara, two things jump out at me.

#1 Misunderstanding

Sometimes our frustration with another person is a misunderstanding of how we think they see us in response to who they are.

In other words, we’re too self-focused. When we get frustrated with another person, we make it all about ourselves even when perhaps it has nothing to do with us. We try too hard to make things all about us when really, other people can’t help but act out of who they are. Someone who appears with your Theme of ideation may just be looking for an action item so they can get to work. The person who appears to constantly ask you for clarity isn’t second-guessing you, but instead needs a copious amount of details before they can move forward.

#2 Teamwork is Hard

So it’s a really unique opportunity as a leadership team to reflect on how you’re participating and behaving when you’re together. Then, equipping you with the ability to identify where there perhaps is the absence of things like adequate knowledge, established purpose, and affective trust.

In this quote, Sara is talking about our work with this particular client around the Team Engagement Model. We had a powerful moment with this team and it was yet another reminder that the only way to get better at being a team is to wade into the uncomfortable waters of Knowlege, Purpose, and Trust, and make some waves. Through doing so, you can learn what you’re made of and work to strengthen the things that make you a team.

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