What our Strengths Communicator Certification Looks Like

One of the offerings of Leadership Vision Consulting is Strengths Communicator Certification. Brian and I recently conducted a week long Strengths Communicator training in Madrid, Spain. Laughter, tears, “a-ha’s” ensued. Each time we teach, we learn more ourselves.

My Connectedness and Individualization is in high gear marveling at how each person uses his or her unique strengths lens and filter in order to highlight the brilliance and contribution of others.

We at LVC want to train up interested individuals who desire to be proficient in strengths based language.

Strengths Communicator Goals

There are three goals of our LVC strengths communicators:

  1. Be part of Gallup’s hope to create a global conversation about what is right with people.
  2. Learn the Strengths Based Language through conversations, questions and observations.
  3. Correct Misinterpretations and Perceptions about strengths. A little knowledge can be dangerous. A curious and generative posture can spread the good word about strong people, strong teams, strong culture.

Each participant learns the Leadership Vision philosophy and approach to strengths. We also take a day to slowly walk through the complexity and behavioral nuances of each the of the 34 themes of strength.

Armed with knowledge and a little practice, the Strengths Communicators begin to practice this language through a variety of one to one strengths conversations. We call this exercise ‘strengths conversations’ not interviews, because the result is a true conversation that begins to reveal what is strong with individuals.

Strengths Conversation Goals

The three goals of the strengths conversation are to:

  1. Help someone understand their Top 5 Themes of Strength
  2. Understanding one of their Strengths Pairings
  3. Use strengths to reveal beauty, genius or brilliance of another

Proficiency is grown by use of the strengths language. Halfway through the practical application (12 one to one conversations), Strengths Communicators report in on what they are learning through their one to one conversations. They each have a chance to share what they are learning about themselves as communicators as well as the talents of strength that are at work in the people they are talking with in the one to one conversation.

We strive to provide new language, a new lens, and generative leverage.


We embed the language of strengths into our dialogue. We begin by practicing introducing ourselves using the talents of our strengths.


A new way of seeing develops. In fact, a new way of being seen is also revealed.


We teach how to leverage these strengths in our relationships and communities.

Strengths Communicator Certification Process

How does the strengths based language help us build strong people, strong teams and a strong culture? One generative conversation at a time. If you are interested in our Strengths Communicator Certification process, join our mailing list and we’ll send out more information when we have details of the next training.