Leading in Crisis: A sneak peek of our services delivered virtually

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

By now you know that all of us are living in and through a global pandemic. Everyone is navigating this crisis to the best of their abilities. For some, they’re wrestling with their health or the health of a loved one. For others, their dealing with a job loss, or trying to navigate working from home, and much more. There are lots of changes and a lot of unknowns.

But what’s true for all of us is that no matter our level of influence, we’re all trying to establish meaningful connections with the people in our lives. Be that at home, in the office or somewhere else. Critical to this challenge is paying attention to people’s emotional and relational needs.

A Leadership Vision, we’ve responded to this need by writing a new Team Engagement curriculum, addressing how we’re adapting behaviorally, emotionally, grieving loss and naming adaptations and commitments. By doing this, we are better able to attend to these emotional and relational needs.

Today on the podcast, we’re playing a recording from a recent VIRTUAL Team Engagement series event we hosted. We gathered about a dozen leaders from around the country from all sorts of industries and backgrounds to present our series titled “Leading in Crisis.” During this episode, you’ll discover our unique approach as we work with organizations, building strong people, strong teams, and strong culture. We want to show you a team engagement session delivered virtually and how it could help your people connect and engage in this time of crisis.


We’ve created a series of questions to help you process, not only the current crisis but any that may come up in the future. We wanted to share three of the questions from the series in hopes that you and your work team (or maybe your family around the dinner table tonight) can use them to start unpacking some of the emotional needs you may be facing.

  • how are you feeling?
  • how are your feelings affecting those around you?
  • how are the feelings of others impacting you?

This is part of a larger series where we focus on the following four topics:

  • Topic 1: Focus on reacting; understand how our reactions to crises impact ourselves and others.
  • Topic 2: Focus on emotions; how our emotions affect our thinking and doing.
  • Topic 3: Naming our loss and longings help us adapt to a new reality and be grateful.
  • Topic 4: Navigating crisis can reveal the best in us by making personal adaptations and collective commitments.

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