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Every day we strive to make the online presence of Leadership Vision a more useful and engaging resource for you, your team, and organization. In order to help us serve you better, we would love to know just a bit more about you. Please help us by taking our user survey.

We know the people reading our blog and coming to our website have a vast array of experiences working in the language of Strengths. From those who have just taken the assessment to Strengths professionals fluent in the language. From our last survey, we learned valuable insights that we have implemented over the last 12 months.

To continue serving our ever growing audience, it is time to learn more about you.


Below are some insights and observations from our 2016 survey.

Our 2016 Survey by the Numbers

  • 56% of you read the blog on a weekly basis. Many noted reading the highlights in our email digest. Is this a better form of communication for you?
  • 49% of you are most interested in topics related to StrengthsFinder and teams.
  • 50% find personal development ideas and education about Strengths to be the most helpful types of content we produce.
  • 49% of you indicated you never listen to podcasts, but 77% of you said you’d listen if we created one. Stay tuned!
  • 70% of you listed Facebook as your social media channel of choice, with LinkedIN as a distant second at 43%. None of the other social media platforms seemed to be as popular, which tells us to focus more energy on those two.

Who Are You?

Of those who completed the survey, there was a somewhat even distribution of roles. 34% of you indicated you were a manager/supervisor. Presumably, you found us as you were looking for ways to build your team and empower those who report to you.

21% are Strengths Coaches. We love the community that exists in the world of StrengthsFinder and welcome any opportunity to connect with more of you in this slice of the pie. We believe we can learn so much from one another.

We also know from looking at other web data that 71% of you who visit our website are from the United States, followed by Canada at 5%.

What other topics would you like us to write about?

It was interesting reading some of your answers to this open-ended question. While there were a lot of great topics that we will be talking about as a team, a few, in particular, jumped out. The following comments are not meant to answer these questions but are merely some top of mind observations.

  • What to do when StrengthsFinder is perceived as a negative? There are a lot of ways we could interpret this question; StrengthsFinder perceived as a negative in an individual (such as Woo as an annoying Strength) or StrengthsFinder as a whole as a negative tool for an organization. Bethany addressed some of these ideas, but one thing we always encourage others to do is to buy the book or code for people hesitant about StrengthsFinder and then have a conversation about their results.
  • How to take strengths to the next level. Actionable individual development activities. This is on our short list of posts to write and curriculum to create. Some of this is addressed in The Strengths Course, but highly actionable steps for all 34 themes are an area we talk about constantly. Stay tuned!
  • How do companies situate employees in the right role based on their individual strengths? How can I tell if someone is going to be excellent in sales versus administration? If we could answer this question, we would largely solve the employee engagement enigma. We do a lot of this thinking when we work with individual companies. Part of this question is answered through our Team Engagement Model but is difficult to solve without knowing more specifics.
  • Specific, tangible ways to lead a team utilizing their strengths. This raised a few questions for us. It’s important to note here that it can be very difficult to lead a team utilizing their strengths if the individual members don’t understand their own.

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