Facilitating a Large Group through Organizational Change

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Today on the podcast, Brian and Linda Schubring talk about a unique opportunity we had to lead a keynote workshop and keynote facilitation at a conference with one of our enterprise clients. It’s not only a helpful example of what we do with large groups of people (this was a gathering of around 100) but also shares how we’re expanding the language and philosophy of Strengths to help organizations grow by overcoming unique challenges and hurdles.

Understanding how your Strengths help you navigate Change, deal with Conflict, Collaborate more effectively, or Communicate more efficiently, are some of the key topics to understand if you want to contribute to becoming a Strengths-Based Organization. This episode isn’t focused on those topics specifically but demonstrates how you might go about integrating them into a larger presentation or focused area of learning.

An Overview of The Day

The keynote workshop and facilitation Brian and Linda helped to lead was focused on the topic of Change. The organization is going through some significant change-related challenges and felt it would be helpful to get their senior leaders on the same page.

The day started with a keynote speaker who addressed some of the broader issues of organizational change. That keynote speaker was then followed by Linda and Brian who conducted a keynote workshop. This consisted of a brief presentation on Strengths, Strengths-Based change leadership, and how a Strengths-Based approach to change can benefit the people that were in the room.

Over the course of 75 minutes, the participants were talking and moving. It was just a quick dip into the world of Strengths because many of these participants had already been through some of our other Strengths presentations. These individuals were wonderful advocates and were helping others at their tables. This offered the participants a chance to look a little deeper at their own Themes of Strength through the lens of change and see how they might uniquely contribute to their organization.

The participants then hear from a wonderful educator who did an even deeper dive into this topic of Organizational change. Brian and Lind then helped everyone integrate everything and create a plan to help the organization move forward.

We’ve spent a lot of time on the topic of Organizational Change, so if you have questions about that or anything else you hear, please leave us a comment or send us a quick email below.

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