What Different Strengths Pairings Sound Like

Sometimes at Leadership Vision, we play an informal game of Strengths pairings. Basically, we mash up two of the names of our Themes of Strengths to explain how they work together.

It all started when Nathan wrote “Adapt-imizer” on a document we were presenting to clients. Yes, his Adaptability and Maximizer pair well to shine up everything within reach, but it was our little secret until that day his Strength of Ideation slipped “Adapt-mizer” into the mix. Nathan says, “Sometimes, this causes me to be unable to make a decision because I want the best option. Other times, I think it can look like [my strength of] Strategic because if I see a clearer, better path, I jump on it.

This is an important concept to emphasize because we know that Strengths do not work alone. We never go one at a time with our Strengths. Rather, we try to tell a story and challenge people to see how pairs and combinations of Strengths can be discussed.

We often ask,

  • What other Strength pairs with that Strength?
  • What else is going on?
  • Which several strengths combine in that moment?
  • What Strengths are working together to influence how you see, feel, think or act?

Examples of Strength Pairings

Over the years, people have played along and we’ve collected several stories that demonstrate the concept that no strength works alone. Below are just a few examples of strengths pairings.

Foc-achieve-etition (Focus / Achiever / Competition)

I sent a request to Steph for some information and she turned around a report and sent it back to me within 6 minutes (according to my email record). Pretty quick. I typed a thank you, smiled and shook my head in disbelief. It may have taken me 6 minutes to figure out what I needed to do. Not with Steph. She called out her, “foc-achieve-etition,” and described her combination of Strengths this way, “I have a task, with a set time to complete, but I want to beat that time and have it checked off my list, so I zone in on it to get it done. Recently Brian asked to leverage my GSD (Get Stuff Done) Strengths. I would say these three get stuff done, and my Discipline helps guide them with structure. I actually think that this combination can look like Activator!

Command-eation (Command / Ideation)

Logan often calls on his Command and Ideation to build relationships. Logan says, “This is how this guy with no Relating Themes in the top half of my 34 connects meaningfully to others. My Ideation is fascinated by all the different pieces, veins, ideas, abilities of an individual, and my Command in turn is driven to step in and be a voice to get that individual to the life and influence I see for him/her.

Adapta-veloper (Adaptability / Developer)

Have you ever seen this one? The beautiful pairing of Adaptability and Developer can see clear development steps for both people and situations and drives toward those when the season is right but is quite comfortable staying in relationship and not pushing those development steps in an inopportune season. This Strengths combo in Logan’s wife is golden.

Correctedness (Connectedness / Competition)

After a lively Vision Trekk with a guide, one of the participants remarked that he saw Brian’s Strength of “Correctedness” in how he was helping him the entire time. Laughter ensued. Our participant actually read the Strength word wrong. Upon quick reflection, it is true, Brian was connecting dots and giving feedback that was comparative and critical to a very astute, self-assured leader. Now, the Strengths of Competition and Connectedness working together, could be called “Correctedness.”

Stratadaptability (Strategic / Adaptability)

I, Linda, am proud of my Strategic and Adaptability Strengths combination. Sometimes, I make decisions in the moment or under pressure that can be quick, razor sharp, or helpful to the most people. At one event, I walked into the venue an hour before it started, I was in a flurry rearranging, tweaking, and editing. One colleague asked if she’d done something wrong. Another joked, that it was my “Stratadapability.” He was right. If I can make the most meaning, my Strataptbility moves into action and sometimes it can look like Command. When on a roll, some people are surprised by my decisions to change in the moment to have the largest impact. If something isn’t working, I will decide away from it. If it’s working well, I will inject more energy and passion.

Relideation (Relator and Ideation)

Have you ever laughed to the point of tears? Extraverted Relator and Ideation is one to be experienced by others. Think of the instigator in a lively conversation. Relideation begins to run wild in conversation that can stir the positive vibes or cause tears to stream down your face. Have you ever had to remove your glasses to wipe away the laughter? People with Rel-ideation can provoke contagious giggles and cultivate inside jokes.

Commandor: (Relator and Command)

One of my favorite people to work with has a beautiful pairing of Relator and Command. Aleasha often says she can’t Command without her Relator, and that is true to my experience with her. She simply describes Commandor this way, “When relational instinct meets observational impulse. A Commandor knows when, where and how to speak the unspoken truth.”

What Combination of Strength pairings can you put together?