21-Day Challenge Check-In

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

We just completed week one of our 21-Day Strengths Challenge. We’re posting one question, every day from April 31 – May 3 to help you process how you’re doing right now during this in-pandemic time. Reflect on your own, or invite your colleagues, family, or friends to share their experience. We’re also challenging you to answer a secondary question about how your Strengths are influencing your answer(s).

PLEASE NOTE: these questions are relevant ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANY group of people. If you happen to be reading this after the fact, please just look at the questions below and start your own challenge!

Today on the podcast, Heather Kelly, our Director of Culture and Talent Investment and I each discuss one of our questions. We hope it will help bring you some perspective and possibly encouragement. Many of us are dealing with a lot right now, but when we process and share with one another, somehow it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Our Questions

To start, I asked Heather to share a bit about her current situation. Is she at home? Does she have kids? Is she working? How is that going? I’m constantly trying to compare my situation with that of others to help me make sense of the world.

Next, Heather and I both answered one of the questions from the challenge list. It was encouraging for me to hear her answer as it gave me a little bit of grace and encouragement. I’ll be honest; it’s been a challenge to be trying to work at home with all four kids here and no childcare. My wife and I are also attempting to home school and sometimes I am VERY aware that my Strengths are not in the education of children. Heather shares that she is giving herself a lot more grace these days. Rather than focusing on all of the things she is doing, she’s trying to have a more positive outlook.

So I give myself a little, a Pat on the back. “You got so much laundry done today. Good job, Heather!”

Heather Kelly

Heather answers the question, What new patterns are you practicing, and why? She shares about her daily habits, and how she is trying to give her ACHIEVER something to hang on right now when she doesn’t have much else.

I answer the question, Where are you flourishing? I talk about how my online life (which is my whole life outside of my family) is going well. In many ways, my FUTURISTIC and IDEATION have set me up to flourish during a time when we can’t meet face to face.

Enjoy this mini-check-in today and please share your own reflections in the comments below, or on our social media channels!

The 21 Questions

Here are ALL of the questions we will be releasing during the 21-Day Strengths Chellenge:

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. Where are you flourishing?
  3. What is a new frustration?
  4. When have you felt accomplished?
  5. With whom are you creating a deeper connection?
  6. With whom are your feeling particularly disconnected?
  7. With whom are you relying on for help?
  8. To whom are you encouraging and helping?
  9. What new patterns are you practicing, and why?
  10. What old patterns are not working any longer?
  11. What new adaptation are you enjoying?
  12. Where do you feel the most confident right now?
  13. Where are you finding meaning during isolation?
  14. How are you seeing people around you struggle?
  15. When do you feel the most alive and what are you doing?
  16. When do you feel out of balance, and how do you find your balance?
  17. Have you experienced too much change in your life?
  18. What do you need to do over and over again that brings you satisfaction?
  19. What decisions are easy for you to make, and more difficult?
  20. What information are you looking to for help?
  21. Who do you feel you are the most connected to right now?
  22. Is there someone that you think is handling this change really well?
  23. How do you feel you can make the greatest difference in someone else?
  24. What changes can you make for others to cope better?
  25. What patterns of behavior do you want to change?
  26. Who do you look to for direction through this pandemic?
  27. What example of good leadership have you noticed?
  28. What is something you can be the best at?

You probably noticed there are more than 21 questions. We know. Once we got started we couldn’t stop.

Let’s Process LIVE!

We’d like to process this, in real-time. We will be hosting Facebook Live chats every Thursday at noon, CST. We will summarize the questions from the week, discuss, then invite two or three of you to join us on-air to share the question from the week that stuck with you the most.

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