Working With Leadership Vision – A Client Perspective (podcast)

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

Today on the leadership vision podcast, Sara and Nathan are honored to share an interview with one of our multi-year clients. You’ll hear from Mary and Sophie from the Placer County library system about their journey towards becoming a culture rooted in Strengths. During our conversation today, we talk about why they reached out to Leadership Vision, highs and lows of our nearly four years together, and lessons learned along the way. We also discuss how focusing on what is right about people has impacted members of their organization at all levels.

About The Leadership Vision Podcast

The Leadership Vision Podcast is a weekly show sharing our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a strengths-based approach to people, teams, and culture. We believe that knowing your Strengths is only the beginning. Our highest potential exists in the ongoing exploration of our talents. Subscribe to the Leadership Vision Podcast on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcherSpotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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