The Strengths Course – An Online Guide Helping you Understand your StrengthsFinder Profile

Leadership Vision Consulting has designed an online course to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their unique Strengths profile. Through a guided process of Reflection, Observation and Application, participants will experience the Leadership Vision approach and begin to create their own personal narrative around Strengths.

Our virtual consultants will help you navigate 6 online modules, unpacking our unique approach to Strengths. The Strengths Course lays a foundation for understanding the Leadership Vision approach by focusing on your unique StrengthsFinder™ profile, utilizing videos and activities to apply your Strengths personally and professionally.

What’s Included?

The online Strengths Course is broken up into six distinct lessons. You can go through them in any order, but it works best if you do them in the designed progression. If you wanted to sit down and complete it all at once, we anticipate it may take about 90 minutes. However, we have designed the course in such a way that you can do it in smaller, 10 – 15 minute sessions.

Here is a brief overview of each lesson.

Lesson 1 – Strong People. Teams. Culture. Brian shares that strong people are “…confident and courageous, giving themselves away. We want to help you use StrengthsFinder™ to be more aware of yourself, and to develop and grow as a person, and apply yourself in ways that bring life to you and others.” We also explore what this means at a team and organizational level.

Lesson 2 – The Leadership Vision Approach. In this lesson, Aleasha highlights how Leadership Vision takes a relational and intentional approach to building a strengths-based organizational culture.

Lesson 3 – An Introduction to StrengthsFinder. Brian will guide you through the real purpose of StrengthsFinder™ – what it is and what it is not. If you’re familiar with the tool, this will be a great refresher. If you’re not familiar with StrengthsFinder™, this will give you insight into why this instrument has been so powerful for over 13 million people worldwide.

Lesson 4 – Your Strengths Videos. In this lesson, you will watch a short video on each of your 5 themes of strength. You will better understand talents and behaviors of each, one, with some real world examples. It is also an opportunity to understand how they are generative to those around you.

Lesson 5 – Complete your ThemePrint™ Profile. Linda discusses how a ThemePrint™ is a unique expression your themes of strength. A ThemePrint™ is an image, a visual representation of how your talents, your behaviors, express your strength. A ThemePrint™ also captures how strong each of those talents are. In this lesson, you will walk through this activity, and see your functional order of Strengths.

Lesson 6 – Conclusion – Further Learning. In the final lesson, we share daily, weekly, and monthly activities you can do to keep learning and engaging your Strengths.

Understanding your StrengthsFinder Profile through Reflection, Observation and Application

Each lesson has a specific set of questions designed to have you interact with our material and engage in a continual process of reflection, observation and application.

Reflection questions ask you to think back and recognize how your Strengths have been shaped over time and through experiences. All of the questions reveal something about your Strengths.

Observation questions ask you to take a critical look at the Strengths as they exist now and how they influence you and those around you. Often we get so busy with our day to day lives, that we fail to pause and take stock of what is going on in front of us. Others often help us see things we cannot see on our own.

Each Application question will help you take what you are learning, and create opportunities for the generative application of your Strengths. Reflection and observation are great, but without being able to apply those lessons towards something greater, you’re wasting time.

Our goal is to help you begin to create a personal narrative around what makes you stand out. StrengthsFinder™ is a great tool for giving language and understanding about what comes naturally to you, but it is the hard work you do on a daily basis that will have the greatest impact for you.

Strengths Conversations

What we have seen time and time again, is that an individual understanding of Strengths really comes alive when you experience it with others. Every client we work with in person gets a chance to share how they see their Strengths with us, so that we can provide feedback and a snapshot of how they might add value to their context.

When you look at the Strengths Course page, you’ll see we are offering two options to have individual Strengths Conversations with one of our consultants. With the $250 option, you’ll get access to the course, plus a one hour conversation, where we will help you process what you have learned through the course, and begin to identify some behaviors around your most dominant Themes of Strength.

With the $750 option, you’ll have a chance to have three Strengths Conversations with us after you complete the course. The first will largely consist of us getting to know you, your background and your context. The second will be all about your Strengths (similar to our one-to-one conversations). From there, we will create a mini 360 drawing based on our observations, share our learnings, and talk about ways to implement those into your current context.

If there is something specific you’d like to focus on, or get feedback about, we can work it into these conversations. Ideally, there should be a few weeks between them so you can try to implement any of the suggestions made.

How to Get Started

Click the buttons below, or go to our Strengths Course page to begin understanding your StrengthsFinder profile on a deeper level. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!