Testimonials from United Health Care

We have provided strengths based consulting work, focusing on the StrengthFinder™ psychometric, within UnitedHealthcare since 2009. During that time, we have provided the follow services:

  • Cultural Assessment
  • StrengthsFinder™ Introductory Events
  • StrengthsFinder™ 201
  • 1 to 1 Conversations
  • Interactive 360
  • Vision Trekk
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strengths Based Strategic National Events
  • Continuing Services with Talent Management

We have worked with a number of different groups within UHC, and have received the following recommendations:

“I was very pleased with Leadership Vision Consulting’s work with my team. The Vision Trekk experience was fun.”
Gail Bourdreaux
Chief Executive Officer


“In my 30 years of participating in professional development programs within major corporations, Leadership Vision Consulting stands apart from all the rest in their ability to help me understand my team and how to leverage their strengths for positive influence. I credit LVC for their role in helping our team achieve long lasting results.”

David Orbuch
Chief Compliance Officer United Healthcare

“The level of professionalism, knowledge and skill that Brian and his team brought far exceeded my expectations. Brian and Leadership Vision Consulting listened to me and the members of my team. At times Brian drove home meaning, at other times he drew meaning out of us. I would highly recommend LVC to anyone. The 360o process was the best part of their program… by far! Count me as one of your most satisfied customers.”
Terry O’Hara
Chief Communications Officer
UnitedHealthcare – Medicare and Retirement

“One of the greatest attributes of Brian is his ability to hear constructive criticism and lead his team through challenges. Leadership Vision Consulting played a large role in our National Sales Leadership Forum, and despite a challenging environment and conflicts, LVC adapted and met our needs. I am a very satisfied client.”

Mark Phillips

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer UnitedHealthcare

“Brian is one of the most captivating speakers I’ve seen in my 20 years in business. His passion and knowledge of the StrengthsFinderTM concepts is unmatched. Brian has the ability to make each individual in a large audience feel like they have the most important Strengths and the power to be better than they are today. Brian’s unique style and approach is refreshing change of the day to day routines that tend to dampen creativity and innovation, he fights thru those realities for individuals to think differently and soar to new heights.”

Patrick Petersohn
Regional Vice President, Sales and Marketing, UnitedHealthcare