Team Leadership & Facilitation Training Reflection (podcast)

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

We all have a tremendous capacity for influence.

Whether that’s in a stadium, a board room, or even a classroom, understanding the way you are wired to make a difference will maximize your impact. At Leadership Vision we want everyone, regardless of the size of their influence, to create meaningful engagement, and effectively present their message in a way that fits who they are as people, and takes their unique story into account.

We recently wrapped up our two-day Team Leadership and Facilitation training cohort in Minneapolis. This was the first time we held this training, and sadly, I wasn’t able to attend. I told Brian I wanted to hear all about it as soon as he was done and thought maybe we record it while we were at it. He eagerly accepted! Today on the podcast, you’re going to hear the conversation that Brian and I recorded approximately 18 hours after the training wrapped up. I believe there is tremendous value in getting some distance and perspective on a thing before making any sort of value judgments. That said, I also think it’s helpful to reflect and process right away while it’s fresh.

We didn’t have a lot of time to chat, so to guide our conversation, I wanted Brian to focus on three questions:

1. What is the Training about?

The training filled up so quickly that we really didn’t do much promotion for it on our website, social media, or even our email list. I have a feeling many people may not have known we did this, much less, what it’s all about.

In short, the Team Leadership and Facilitation training provides a platform to develop, sharpen, and apply your unique leadership style within a team context. We share our professional best practices and lessons learned from 20+ years of working with teams. These lessons will enable participants to sharpen their ability to effectively lead a group in various contexts.

2. How did the training go?

We spent the bulk of our time talking about how the training went. Everything from the basic flow of each day, to specific feedback from participants, and even some anecdotal stories of what individuals will be implementing in their own contexts right away. The bulk of our conversation is a lot of first-level initial “gut” reflection.

3. What did you learn?

Finally, I wanted to know what our team learned from this experience. Specifically, I asked Brian what he personally learned from hosting this new event. Unsurprisingly, he has very high expectations and said he needs to see the thing through to know if those are met. He shares a few other nuggets of personal reflection I think you’ll enjoy.

An Activity For You

One of my favorite elements of the training is the personal leadership timeline reflection project. There are several ways to do this, but after you listen to the episode for a little more context, try this:

Make a timeline (like the one above) from your earliest memory of “influence” through today. Jot down defining moments, shaping experiences, spheres of influence, roles, people, locations, and teams that have influenced you in some way. Think about the impact each of those things has had on the type of leader and person you are today.

Next, share your reflections with someone who knows you well, and get their feedback. This is a highly simplified version of the activity from the training, but hopes it leaves you with something tangible you can do at home. Once completed, we’d love to hear how this experience went for you, so send us an email, or share it in the comments below.

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