Our Earliest Strengths Memories (Re-Broadcast)

We’re taking a short break from new episodes of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of CliftonStrengths. But rather than go silent for the next few weeks, we thought we would re-broadcast some of our favorite episodes from the past year. Logan Joyce and I sat down to talk about the episodes that have made the biggest impression on us in the past year. There’s nothing technical about this, just four episodes that we really, really liked! You may have missed these episodes, but even if you didn’t, we think you’ll enjoy re-listening to them as you move into the new year.

In this episode of the podcast, each member of our team shares some of their earliest Strengths memories. Times when they remember evidence of behaviors they can now connect back to one of their Themes of Strength.

We’ll be back on January 7, 2019, with all new episodes to help you further develop your Strengths, the Strengths of your team, and the Strengths of your organization.

About our Earliest Strengths Memories

In this episode, you’ll hear from our entire team as each of us reflect on our earliest memories related to Strengths. One of the questions we ask clients is, “What was happening in your life between the ages of 7 to 11 years old?” Those ages represent an arc of cognitive development called the concrete operational period. This time is characterized by the development of organized and rational thinking and marks the beginning of logical or operational thought. It’s also the time in your life when Strengths are beginning to form. When you recall what you were doing in life during those ages, it may shed light on how your Strengths have developed today.

As I shared when this episode originally aired, ages 7 to 11 for me involved hardcore baseball card collecting and LEGO building. Especially with the LEGO’s, I can see how specific behaviors in the Theme of Ideation were starting to develop. Specifically how new ideas would always deliver a jolt of energy. This is still true for me today, and I saw it then as I would find new and exciting ways to put the same LEGO bricks together and explain to my parents what new creation I made.

We’d love to hear your reflections, so leave us a comment and share!


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