Extending the Language of Strengths through Purpose, Place, Peace, and People

Welcome to the Leadership Vision Podcast, where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of a Strengths-Based approach to people, teams, and culture.

At Leadership Vision, we’re applying the language of Strengths to more than just a superficial knowledge of a handful of terms about what makes you unique. We love the tool and what it does to help put words to what makes individuals stand out. However, unless it’s used to connect to something larger, it’s kind of limited.

In a nutshell, what we’re trying to do is help our clients find their relational and professional well-being. We do this by using Strengths as a framework to help individuals understand their purpose, place, peace, and influence on other people.

Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, you’ll hear about this new approach and more about the four P’s – purpose, place, peace, and people. Brian and I recorded this right after he introduced those four P’s at recent client engagements. He switched up our approach and delivery in those engagements, and the results were pretty incredible.

In this episode, we’ll share how these four P-words extend the language and philosophy of Strengths beyond 34 definitions, and also share some of the things we’re learning that can help individuals on this journey, teams trying to apply Strengths, or entire organizations focused on building a Strengths-Based Culture.

The Four P’s Approach

At Leadership Vision, we not only want individuals to better understand what makes them unique, but also that they have personal and professional well-being. Below is the statement Brian made to kick off the day.

My dream for each of you is that you have peace with who you are as a person. That you have an understanding of “this is who I am!” That you find peace in your place on the team. That you know you’re here for a reason. That we value you and that you have harmony on this team. And that you have peace in your quest to define purpose and peace knowing that your purpose is to contribute to the shaping of the culture.

Brian Schubring

Below is a summary of the four P’s. During the training, Brian told participants they would be applying Strengths in those four areas. Be sure to listen to the whole episode to have a better idea of how you might incorporate these words into your team.

  1. Which of your Strengths helps you fulfill your PURPOSE?
  2. Which of your Strengths has a PLACE on this team?
  3. Which of your Strengths brings PEACE to others?
  4. Which one of your Strengths influences another PERSON?

We really like this new approach because now you’re not only having a conversation about one of their Strengths, but also about how that Strength helps the individual fulfill their purpose, how that Strength influences another person, how that Strength brings peace to the members of their team, and how they see that Strength in place impacting others.

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