The Power of Reflection (podcast)

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Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, we’re talking with Carrie Jones, one of our consultants, and COO here at Leadership Vision. You may remember her Strengths Question from a few weeks ago when she asked us to reflect on a person who, or place that has shaped who we are today. We believe that taking the time to reflect on people or experiences in our lives is critically important to understanding who we are today, and how we show up for the people around us. Today Carrie will be sharing several stories about someone in her life who played an integral part in who she has become.

I’m excited for you to listen to this interview! It’s real and raw and has some hilarious stuff in it as we talk about what Carrie learned while killing chickens. Yes, that’s an odd statement, but when you listen to the episode, it will make total sense. It helps explain a bit about her Theme of Responsibility.

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What I Learned

When I looked back over the transcript for this episode, a lot of things stuck out to me. Below are just two of my favorites. These are things that Carrie learned, but are also really more like universal truths we should pay attention to.

When talking about why she went to help her grandmother kill chickens on the farm, she said she learned…

…The value of hard work, the value of doing things that maybe we don’t want to do but are completely necessary…

Carrie [11:16]

This quote speaks to where Carrie’s work ethic originated. Sometimes you “just gotta get stuff done.” Strengths teach us to focus on what we’re best at and what is most generative. While I think that’s undoubtedly true, there are also times in life, many times in fact, when we have to do what is necessary to get the job done, regardless of who is “best” at it.

The next thing that stuck with me was this quote about generosity.

…there was a clear distinction between what we had and what grandma didn’t have and yet she was one of the most generous people that I knew.

Carrie: [18:03]

Generosity is something we should spend more time thinking about. Regardless of what we have in terms of material wealth, we can find a way to be generous with the things we do have. Our time, our attention, our emotions, our wisdom, our ideas, etc. How do we become more like Grandma V so that others will say we gave more than we took?

We are An Amalgamation of All Experiences

It’s been a few months since Carrie and I recorded this conversation. It’s interesting to listen back, knowing what I know now about Carrie, and also what I know about my own life over these past few months. What struck me in listening to this again is how much we are shaped by all of the experiences in our lives. The good and not so good. Sure, there are people here and there that really stand out but we are an amalgamation of every person and place we have ever encountered. Rather than running away from the bad stuff, try to sit with it and figure out what that experience was supposed to teach you. They attempt to leverage that experience into becoming a stronger person for your next experience.

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